Interview with Dir en grey in Orkus magazine

Orkus: How would you describe your new album, Withering to Death. in your own words?
Dir en grey: A feeling of doubt

Orkus: What does the title of the album mean?
Dir en grey: It comes from the word wither. It has several meanings like: tormented people, pain, conflicts/things that are against you.

Orkus: What does the dot at the end of the title "Withering to Death." mean? Is it to represent closure?
Dir en grey: We'll leave that to your imagination

Orkus: Where does the idea of the Artwork come from? And who designed it?
Dir en grey: We got the materials and tried out different things and ideas. The last design was a result of trial and error. We designed it all together with the help of a professional designer who has worked for us for a long time.

Orkus: How long in total have you worked on the music and artwork?
Dir en grey: The composing of the music took about a year, the planning and designs took us about 3 to 4 months.

Orkus: Do you have the impression that you have to fulfil some expectations with this new album?
Dir en grey: I have that feeling more and more, every time, when we play a live.

Orkus: As for your studio work, how did it proceed?
Dir en grey: We spent about half a year in a studio and composed music. The actual recording took us about a month though.

Orkus: How does a normal day in the studio look for Dir en grey?
Dir en grey: We try to relax and talk more about the idea of each individual member. We were nearly every time in a bad mood.

Orkus: Which member prefers to work in the studio and which one likes the lives better?
Dir en grey: Things go like this in the studio: All five members voice their opinion and Kaoru puts those opinions together and turns it into an end. Everyone puts in their strength, in both the studio and at lives.

Orkus: Is there never a fight? 5 people with 5 opinions?
Dir en grey: It is fun and really exciting.

Orkus: What does it mean for you when you see thousands of fans across from you, screaming and singing all your songs?
Dir en grey: My heart beats faster.

Orkus: Your career is going upwards really fast. While you change you also remain something from the past, don't you think that changes include a lot of risks?
Dir en grey: We don't think that. We're simply going our own way.

Orkus: You have played concerts in China and Korea. What is your opinion on the difference between these countries in comparison with Japan?
Dir en grey: They felt like our first times I think. This refresher gave us new strength.

Orkus: What was for each of you the best experience you have had on stage?
Kyo: Nothing
Kaoru: To play Rockmusic
Die: Every time it's good
Toshiya: It's good every day
Shinya: It's good every time

Orkus: How many people do you have on your staff when you're on tour?
Dir en grey: About 30 people on our tour in Japan. (Members, managers, stage directors, sound team, light team, technicians, camera team, stylists etc)

Orkus: You have a great website, which supplies us with all the information....but there's no pictures on it! Why did you choose to do that?
Dir en grey: Because we keep every single picture buried and protected like a treasure

Orkus: You use a lot of English texts. Is that to open the way to Europe and the states? Or is it just an element of style?
Kyo: I use it. When I see it fits in.

Orkus: You're the most popular Japanese band in Germany and Europe. How do you explain that phenomenon?
Dir en grey: I didn't have that feeling. I came here to confirm

Orkus: What goal does Dir en grey want to reach?
Dir en grey: There is no goal.

Orkus: What day in Dir en grey's 'life' do you remember in particular?
Kyo: There's nothing special
Kaoru: I can't remember everything, while it's all so exciting.
Die: I can't remember everything, while it's all so exciting.
Toshiya: I won't forget the time, the time we spent together in the good and the bad times.
Shinya: I don't forget a day.

Orkus: If Dir en grey never would've existed, what would you do for a living? (Outside of music).
Kyo: Never thought of that.
Kaoru: I can't think...
Die: I'm not sure...
Toshiya: I think I would become something else.
Shinya: I never thought of that.

Orkus: What are your plans for the future?
Dir en grey: We hope that it won't turn out the way we planned... (Or: They don’t want to know what’s going to happen)

Orkus: As Japan is a rather exotic country to the Germans (in a positive way! - red) I want to ask the following question: What is in your opinion "Typical Japanese"?
Dir en grey: An ant.

Orkus: And what do you think is 'typical German'?
Dir en grey: We have the feeling you are really tough. (the word tough is in English in the interview)

Orkus: Now a few question for each band member: Kyo, what are the benefits of being a singer? And what is it you don't like about it?
Kyo: I can't really say what's good and what's bad.

Orkus: I heard you sleep a lot, but you're also very energetic. People say: "Sleep is death's brother." What fascinates you about sleeping?
Kyo: I'm not as energetic as you might think. No sleep means death.

Orkus: Your lyrics are full of sorrow and frustration. Do you use it as an artistic way of venting your feelings?
Kyo: I'll leave that to your imagination.

Orkus: Kaoru, people say you're a workaholic. When there's a problem with the record company you will jump in and fix it. Also in the studio you are supposedly the one who shuts off the light last. How do you bring up the energy to continue and cope with it?
Kaoru: I think it's a challenge in life. And I don't want to loose anything good because of something bad.

Orkus: How do Dir en grey songs develop? And in which situation is your musical creativity the highest?
Kaoru: When we make music, beginning with the guitar, my idea comes first. When I compose the music with a feeling of balance.

Orkus: Isn't it hard to feel responsible for everything all the time? How do you create a way to advance?
Kaoru: It's not hard. I always believe I can master tough situations.

Orkus: Die, what's the best compliment you ever got?
Die: none.

Orkus: You changed your outfits and styling completely in the last few years, do you also feel different from the inside?
Die: I don't know.

Orkus: A short question. What does your guitar mean for you? ;-)
Die: red.

Orkus: Toshiya, a quick but philosophical question: What's your view on the meaning of life?
Toshiya: I want to know this meaning, that's why I'm in a band.

Orkus: You are a very creative person. Can we expect things from you in the future?
Toshiya: At the moment I have no time to think about anything.

Orkus: Shinya, you're like a rock in the ocean. What does it take to make you let go of that position?
Shinya: When I go crazy/am happy

Orkus: What is your 'training' to become such a talented and energetic drummer?
Shinya: Be healthy every day.

Orkus: I heard you like dogs very much. What three things or traits fascinate you most about dogs?
Shinya: Face, Voice and Character.


Remember, I'm not German! I'm dutch, but I read the interview and understood it completely so I thought to translate it. This is my doing, don't copy it or post it somewhere without asking please!^_^ If you want to use it as a refer at least link back to here. Thank you!^_^ I hope you enjoyed it. And as you could see, Dir en grey didn't really feel like doing the interview XD They fooled around ^^;