Dir en grey - Live in Berlin 2005

Dir en grey Live report Berlin, 28-05-05 Columbia Halle

We (me and Steffie) got in the train to Berlin from Hengelo (were I live) at 9am Friday morning, still a bit tired and really exited about the trip. The train ride was uneventful and we were thinking about the 200 Japanese fans that were to get in first because they were a member of Aknot. Afterwards, that was just a myth, there were some Japanese fans, but not 200 and they certainly didn't go in first, since our group was one of the first 200 to go in ^^; But I'll explain that later.

When we got out of the train, we were in central Berlin, and since I've already been there once I knew where our hostel was. We walked there (it was only 50 meters or something from the train station) and checked in. They arranged all the stuff and we were said to come back at 3pm cause then our rooms would be ready. We put our bags in some luggage room and were like: "Hmm we have 2 hours to kill, what to do?" We just walked around in the city a bit, looking at the surroundings, and we bought a map of Berlin XD

Two hours later we were at the front desk again and we were told we had room 404, fourth floor. So we went up there. We knew we had a shared dorm, which means there would be 8 people in our dorm, man or woman. We opened the door and were greeted by..6 soccer fans.o.o We were a bit shocked so to say XD They turned out to be very nice, though we were a bit shocked we were roomed with 6 grown up, beer drinking, hooligan-esque guys. But ok, they weren't hooligans after all in the end XD. Turned out there was a soccer match at the same night as the concert. It was a real important one and on the streets there were a lot of supporters and stuff. But okies. We asked the guys to leave the room for 10 minutes so we could change clothes. We changed into our Lolita outfit (pictures will come, I just need to develop the film ^^) and went out with our stuff towards the metro-station (which is on every street corner XD)

We got a lot of stares from people thinking we were crazy. We were in full getup while it was about 37 degrees Celsius outside (that's really a lot, since European hotness also comes with a really dry, hard-to-breathe air). We got help with buying subway tickets and got on our way to the Neotokyo store to pick up the Dir en grey concert tickets. When we got there we thought the store was closed. There wasn't even a cue in front of the store! We could just go in and pick up the tickets. We were really happy to go to that store, since they also sold a lot of anime/manga/jrock. We both bought a GL-bible and I bought a Kera-magazine and Steffie bought the newest SHOXX magazine. We also both bought the Dir en grey poster and I bought a Yaoi manga just because I don't have one XD

We picked up the tickets and after paying a loaaad of money on the stuff we went to the hostel again. We dropped off our stuff there, changing clothes again, since it was really too hot to walk around Lolita-ish. We took a quick shower and went to Mr. MacDonalds to eat a happy-meal.

After that we just went to our rooms and looked at all our new stuff (we also bought cute stuff, at an Asian supermarket, things with hello kitty etc. including one of those things to wave fresh air at you.)

We couldn't sleep that night. It was sooo hot in our room and we had to wear pyjama's and have the sheet around us, because of the grown men ^^; And there was also live music on the Terrace of the hostel, which we could very well hear. I think I fell asleep at 2am or something, our alarm clock was set to 10am. And I also heard the soccer guys come in at 3am or something. Motioning to each other to be quiet cause we were asleep (yeah, they were really considerate)

We woke up the next morning at 9am. We couldn't sleep anymore and decided to get out of bed. It was a big day today. We showered and got dressed and ate some crackers (Steffie's mom hid a survival package of food in her bag XD)

Then we went out to stock up on water and other drinks and a few apples for energy, since eating was out of the question (it was way too hot, we never really had an appetite). When we bought enough stuff we went back to the hostel and dressed for the concert. I didn't wear anything special, a white shirt and bright red pants. And since I dyed my hair bleach blonde I was thinking that at least one of Dir en grey would notice me.

We went by U and S-bahn (the subway system) Towards the Columbia Halle, arriving there half an hour later (at exactly noon, which we had wanted). We just walked around there for a while. It was already packed with people. And then...we ran into more Dutch people! They had been there since 9am and had a spot fairly to the front. We offered to help take places with waiting and we got invited to the party. We had a system. In front of the hall it was way too hot to sit all day. We had umbrellas to shield out the sun and we had water that had long turned warm. Every time 2 or 3 people of our group would sit there in the line and wait for 2 or 3 others to take over. So that way the rest could sit in the shadow out of the line and we could share our energy.

Steffie and I once lasted for 2 hours sitting there. After one hour you just get numb and you just sit, looking at nothing ^^; It was a weird experience ^^;;

When we were there, Dir en grey hadn't arrived yet. Not soon after, they did, Steffie and I were in line and heard massive screaming so we ran towards it. They just entered the gate we had been sitting in front of (we sat on this small wall, with a fence behind it, so we could look over the fence and see the parking lot the back entrance of the hall was.). We were there too late. People said they'd come out and Die and Toshiya took pictures of them. I was disappointed and went back to our place. But after an hour or so we were free to move around again because we changed shifts.

We were on the wall holding onto the gate/fence and singing weird, useless Dutch songs. Some of Diru's staff was smoking there and they danced to us singing XD It was funny and later on some of the staff came out with a camera and started videotaping us. We screamed and stuff and all yelled in sync: WE LOVE DIR EN GREY!!! So let's hope they'll make a DVD, cause then I'm on it XD I hope o.o

The best thing though happened a bit later. We were singing the random songs, much to the annoyance of some weird Germans next to us who tried to look like Mana, thinking it was a cool thing to do (For some reason I don't get it, we were happy to see diru, why shouldn't Gothic's laugh and sing then? XD).

All of a sudden we saw a tuft of red hair stick out from behind a car. We all went mad...it was Die o.o He motioned us to be quiet and started taking pictures of us. We were all making peace signs and were flipping out. People behind us on the ground asked what was going on and we just said: uuuuh nothing!!! Just some staff ^^;;

And then as quick as he was there he ran back inside. This was sooooo amazing o.o I was shaking and chanting omgomgomgomg. This was I think one of the best things ever. Well back to standing in line. Nothing really happened. Some German staff at one time put up the letters that spelled Dir en grey on the hall. We all screamed, just for fun, to cheer them on. I think the staff found it funny, since they probably weren't used to it XD

At about 4pm people started standing up from their small camps to wait for the doors to open. Even though it would take another good 3 hours before the doors would open. From there on Steffie and I quickly got the rest since we were pushed back more and more. We all gathered with our tickets and stood the rest of the 3 hours. The only things shielding from the sun were the umbrellas. We didn't know, but the lines outside were beginning to get really big, we weren't that tall so we couldn't really see the large group of people grouping up behind us. I took a few random pics with my cellphone, but they're really fuzzy. I'll post them alter, once my cable for the phone works again ^^;

We waited the remaining 3 hours, every 15 minutes we would be pressed up more tightly against each other. Me and another Dutch girl held each other tightly so we wouldn't lose each other when the doors opened and so we could steer more easily into the doors ^^;

At 7pm the doors would have to open and people started yelling "OPEN!" or "DIR EN GREY!" and stuff like that. About 10 minutes later the doors opened. At that point two people in front of us somewhere fainted. We were already squeezed, it now became officially worse. I'm glad I really have a high tolerance when it comes to those things, cause I was just feeling pleasantly held by others XD (ok, no it was uncomfortable, but not really that bad, though a lot of girls next to me were screaming for others to stop, cause they couldn't breathe and stuff like that). I couldn't even move anymore, only my legs, my hand was still tightly holding Sharon's and my other hand was clamping my ticket. When we were able to get in (they let in 1 person at the time) I was searched for stuff and I was allowed further (weird, I have a cell phone with camera but ok ^^; ). I first ran like a madman to the merchandise stand, which was practically empty. I could pick my stuff right away. I got 2 packages of Tour socks (one package for me and one for Michaela, who lives in the US), a sticker set (to make my bass even prettier) and a t-shirt. I also got a free poster because I spend more than 50 euros (yes, it was all very expensive).

I then went to the front, where we were asked to sit down, we weren't that far to the front but I knew that if we would all stand up we'd be really up front. I found Steffie there who also went to buy some merchandise and came back quickly after that. I noticed the heat and the people already fainting and looked at the balcony. It went completely round, the ends being at the beginning of the stage. I pointed up. "Why don't we go and stand there? I'm sure we'll be smashed to death when the concert starts, up there it seems like there's more room and people'll be able to see better." Steffie also looked up and agreed with me. The rest wanted to stay downstairs so we went to the stairs for the balcony. We stood on Die's side (we also checked out Kao's side but it was way fuller there and we would see less) and we could see everything, cause the balcony was like a reaaaally large set of stairs, so you'd stand higher than the person before you (about 50cm). We had full view of the whole stage. (Later on our view would be diminished a bit, so we would only see Die if we'd bend our head). There were some Japanese staff filming the audience and stuff.

We got ourselves something to drink while some other girl watched our places (she was there to chaperone). When we got back we just sat on the ledge of our place and waited. The concert would start at 8.30, and they started to announce things in French, German, English and Japanese. (Things like that camera’s aren't allowed.) They did say something funny thought: "Ladies and Gentleman, you are requested to turn off your cell phone since German phones mess with the frequency of the Japanese equipment." XDD Complete nonsense yes XD But still, I had to laugh about it XD

Well after a lot of screaming for Dir en grey and stuff they finally (at 9pm) started the intro for this tour (I still think it's a shame they don't do GDS anymore, I love that song). They finally came on stage! First Shinya, then Die and then Toshiya and Kaoru. Kyo wasn't there anymore and the entrance wasn't really flashy like they normally do but nonetheless the whole crowd went wild. I screamed my lungs out (For some reason SHINYA is a good name to scream XD).

2 minutes later Kyo also came onstage...wearing a mask? I'm really not sure, some skeleton/ghost mask I think, but I couldn't see it that well because he also got rid of it real quick. They quickly started playing songs. Merciless Cult, C and Saku as their first set. Kyo wore pants with one leg cut off so it looked like hot pants and he wore tights under that (with a rose motive? I'm not completely sure, he looked really cool though). They all looked to die for. Very classy and they were really professional. Though at first they didn't really move from their spots (for some reason they all had wires and cables to their equipment). Though Kyo danced his crazy robotic dances and stuff and ran around. Die seemed to stand with his back towards the audience a lot, looking at Shinya, I'm not sure why but I thought it was cute ^_^;

After those three songs there was a break of a few minutes. They all stayed on stage, just fixing their equipment and stuff. Shinya got a massage from this guy. I'm a bit worried about this. Maybe he's getting back/neck aches like Yoshiki did? o.o I hope not. Let's all hope it's just for relaxation ^^v

Kyo had a spot before Shinya's drum set where there were 2 buckets with water bottles in it. He was just sitting there, probably drinking water before they all stood up again, continuing with the concert. There were more songs. I'm really not sure anymore in what order they played everything. But I found a set list, I'll put it at the end of the report.

We were just enjoying the music and stuff and we could still see Die and I was looking at him, he was really concentrated and then he just let his eyes glide over the audience contently and over the balcony. We looked at each other for about 4 seconds before he looked on. I'm about 99% sure he looked at me since the lighting was bad and indeed...I was about the only one at our part of the balcony with a white shirt and bleached blonde hair. It was a meaningless look but still, maybe he remembered me from standing on the wall when he took the pics? I'm not sure, would be cool though. I hope he liked my red pants <3

Well the concert continued. And I later on wrote different notes about it, I'll just type them up here in the right order.

Just one more thing. I was right. It was so hot in the hall that every few seconds a girl would be pulled out and brought to the stretchers behind the hall ( I heard some were on IV's and stuff like that and brought to hospitals). Afterwards I was so glad I stood on that balcony, not fainting like everybody else.

My notes: (this is what I saw, more happened and I read it, but yeah ^^;; )

- Kaoru did a lot of his macho poses, though I never saw his tongue, but fans that were close to him did see it, so I'm glad ^^;
- At one point there was a break and Kyo was still standing in front of his Mad Stalin platform, some guy from the staff had to lead him to his resting place in front of the drums. Like he wasn't really there and forgot about everything ^^;
- Kyo did a lot of his robot-sexy dances and touched and scratched and hit his chest a lot of times. That man really knows how to move o.o He also laughed a lot of psycho-laughs and he did a chibi voice a few times ^^;
- Kaoru was the only one who touched the audience at some point, the rest never did or couldn't reach, I don't know.
- At some point Kyo kept on yelling: Wie Gehtst?! That means How are you in German ^^; His pronunciation was really good o.o for someone Japanese o.o
- Toshiya had his longish hair, a bit curly and he kept on pushing it back, it looked really cute.
- There weren't any fire effects or something (and I think I'm glad about that XD We would've fried if there were ^^;
- The first set Toshiya never did backing vocals (though I could be wrong, it seemed to me he just never moved to his mic.) And also, his mic wasn't the low-hanging kind. He had a normal micstand, Like Kaoru and Die have.
- There wasn't really any interaction between the band members, which I thought was a bit weird, not even glances towards each other. I'm guessing they were very nervous.
- The beginning of the concert was...boring. Not in a bad way, but they were really shy or something, after that first set they noticed the audience had a blast and sang all the lyrics without any trouble they opened up. It got really good from that point on. I think they were happy with us, or at least towards the end Kyo and Die were smiling a lot.
- Kyo looks even smaller in real life XD Steffie described him as a cute small monkey ^^;; (no offence to Kyo ^^;; )
- Shinya looks about 10 times prettier in real life. There's this air/aura of prettiness/elegance around him that you don't see in the pictures. He really looks like an outer-world creature o.o He looked so amazing.
- Toshiya looks even taller in real life. He's really so tall! And of course he was also sooo pretty o.o
- Die and Kaoru didn't really look different from the pictures, though Die did look very genki. He also didn't move a lot from his place a lot, he kept head banging in front of his micstand.

Towards the end of the concert there were 2 encores. A lot of older songs (Vulgar and Six Ugly), which really were amazing and then the concert throwing of the stuff. I have notes about that too:

- Kaoru had a nice way of spraying water into the audience *snorts* He held the bottle in front of his...*beep* and squeezed the bottle so water would spray into the audience. He was laughing perverted along with that XD he is such a cute dork XD
- Kyo put a bottle in his mouth and sprayed the water around that into the audience. And he also just drank the water and spit it out into the audience again.
- Shinya got mad with a handful of drumsticks XD He threw them everywhere and was aiming for the balcony. He laughed (a real laugh o.o) when it just hit the balcony and fell down. Then he turned his back to the audience and threw the sticks over his shoulder blindly. He was having fun and that was nice ^_^
- Toshiya wanted to throw water into the audience but his bass fell (I didn't see it, but I heard from others it did) He turned around and supposedly poured water over his bass and walked back. Now I did see that when he walked back towards the audience he almost tripped over a cable XD It was cute, he didn't trip but he saw the cable hooking behind his boots and he clumsily jumped over it ^^; I was thinking it was really cute ^_^
- Die threw picks in the audience and he was getting fed up with it I think cause at one point he just grabbed them all and threw them all at once into the audience ^^;; It was raining red picks. XD
- Kyo had the two buckets of water. He got one and poured it all over himself. Then he laughed (without mic, but we could see it) and the crowd went wild. It looked reaaaaally cool ^_^; He then left the stage (the rest was already backstage) and a few minutes later they came back for an encore. The last song of the evening: Byo[]Shin. Kyo had a towel around his head. It looked really funny (probably cause of the water he poured over himself ^^; )
- They sang the song, the whole crowd went wild (seriously, I listened to my diru DVD's and we, 3500 people yelled about two times as hard as the 10thousand of fans on the 5uk DVD or the vulgarism DVD o.o)
- They again threw lots of stuff into the audience (including two towels, who I think, got ripped to pieces XD)
- Kyo grabbed the second bucket of water and threw it, bucket and all, into the audience. It looked really funny. He was really excited I think.
- Then the rest left and Kyo still stood there (I think he threw that bucket then) He grabbed the mic and yelled one really loud BAIBAI! The whole crowd yelled BAIBAI back and waved. I think that earned us a grin from him, but I'm not sure, couldn't really see ^^;

That was the end of the concert. Steffie and I went downstairs and out of the hall completely spent (we now know why Kyo sometimes looks crippled as he walks off stage XD). We were tired and walked towards the gate of the beginning, because I had some stuff of the other Dutch girls in my bag, since I was the only one who brought a bag. We waited for them and they arrived there not that much later. We were talking happily about the concert. All of a sudden there were loud screams and a van came out of the gate with high speed. It was Dir en grey leaving. The windows were blackened so we couldn't see a thing ^^ Some people were running after it, but it went too fast. I just stood up and screamed, not able to move more ^^; I was almost collapsing out of tiredness. We decided to walk to the metro station and go to the hostel quickly again. It was 12am midnight now ^^;

We got back and collapsed on the bed, we made sure we still had our goodies and we made a picture of ourselves in our gross clothing (my shirt was completely wet, no kidding, and my bra somehow coloured my shirt reddish/purple/pink o.o It's being washed now, but it was the grossest ever ^^; I never sweated that much in my live. But I didn't even care anymore. We took a shower and quickly went to bed. I wrote my notes before I went to sleep and we also talked to the soccer fans. Their club lost. They were a bit sad, but went out to drink more beer XD (seriously, not offending or something, but for some reason German people can drink sooo much o.o They started with beer at 8am o.o)

We woke up the next day at 9 (instead of the 10am I had my alarm on but yeah ^^). We cleaned up the room (the soccer fans already checked out I think, because they weren't there anymore XD) and also checked out. We hung around for a few hours at the hostel and around that. Then we went home by train. We had seriously the best weekend of our live, full with new experiences and...DIRU! Yes this was my 7 page report on the weekend ^^; Hope you liked it! ^_^