The Belly Dancer
Written by PokeyPillow
Chapter One
Rating: NC-17
Kaoru sat in his chair, fidgeting nervously. He glanced over at Kyo, Die, and Shinya, who all had little grins on their faces, then moved his gaze back to the floor, awaiting the 'surprise' his three bandmates had planned.

"Tell me again why you guys did this? And where the hell is Toshiya?" Kaoru asked, sounding frustrated.

Shinya placed a hand on the leader's shoulder. "Trust us Kaoru, you'll enjoy this." He smiled that secretive little smile of his.

Kaoru pouted and opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by the loud sound of the doorbell.

Die's grin instantly widened and he hopped to his feet, dashing for the door.

When the younger guitarist was out of sight, Kaoru leaned over to whisper at the remaining two. "Look. I didn't want a stripper for my birthday, and you -know- the reasons why. So I ask again, WHY did you do this?"

"Oh calm down Kaoru," Kyo said sternly. "You'll like this, immensely." As if on cue, a tall, slim form stepped into view, hips swaying from side to side.

Kaoru froze, jaw nearly dropping to the floor as his eyes drank in the sight of the tall, nearly naked man in front of him. His chest was completely bare, well toned muscles rippling beneath the pale skin. His pants, if they could be called that, were nothing more than a thick band of black cloth covering his more interesting areas, and a sheer, rough looking material, also black, that encased his long legs. A thick, heavy veil covered most of his face, all but his eyes, making it impossible for his features to be seen. Shoulder-length black hair was tied back behind his head in a graceful bun.

The leader leaned in to Shinya again, not taking his eyes off of the slender figure before him. "I thought you said you got a stripper. He doesn't look like he has enough to take off."

"Maybe he has something else in store," came the whispered reply from the drummer, who also had no idea what was going on.

The man glanced at Die, then handed him a cd, not uttering a word. The redhead took the disc and trotted over to the stereo system, popped it in, and turned the volume to a soft but hearable level.

As gentle, exotic music filled the air, the slender one's hips began swaying from side to side, the bells on his wrists jingling as his hands raised above his head, arms moving in a slow, graceful manner.

Die moved silently to the couch Shinya and Kyo were seated on, amazed at the dancing man's abilities. None of them had suspected that he had such a talent.

Kaoru was entranced, watching that slender man sway back and forth as if he were hypnotized. 'I shouldn't be liking this,' he scolded himself. 'I'm supposed to be mad that they hired someone for this. I should be mad that Toshiya never showed up, but...' He continued to stare in awe as that graceful figure moved towards him.

The sound of music and bells tinkering filled the room, and the dancer continued his fluid motions, making his belly move in ways that didn't seem natural but was captivating nonetheless.

Kyo leaned in to Shinya, whispering in his ear. "Did you know he could move like that?" The drummer merely shook his head, still staring.

He moved slowly but surely to the chair Kaoru was in, and finally he reached it. His body was less than a foot away from the guitarist's face, and he rolled his belly, the smile on his face going unnoticed because of the veil.

Kaoru's eyes were wide when the dancer placed his legs on either side of the chair he was seated in, and slowly slid his body down, almost sitting on the leader's lap, but not quite. He rolled his hips from side to side, stomach doing its magic, while his hands set themselves upon Kaoru's shoulders.

He leaned in towards the eldest's ear, moving the veil to the side so his lips could graze the pale skin. He pulled the earlobe into his mouth and suckled on it, satisfaction filling him when he heard Kaoru's breath hitch. "Happy Birthday, Kaoru-kun," he said in a low, seductive purr. He looked over at the three on the couch, and that was their cue. They all stood and silently left the apartment.

Kaoru stiffened, eyes wide. The voice was unmistakable. "Toshiya?" He whispered, not noticing the departure of their other bandmates.

He sat himself on the older man's lap and removed the veil, smiling at Kaoru. "Surprised?"

He just blinked stupidly, then after a moment he nodded, unable to speak.

Toshiya just kept on smiling. "Good." And he closed his eyes as he raised himself up again, hands lightly gripping Kaoru's shoulders as he continued to dance in the older man's lap.

He was once again entranced, eyes only focusing on that slim torso that was no more than five inches from his face. The shock that it was Toshiya dancing for him hadn't vanished completely, but it was pushed aside. He fought to keep his hands to himself, desperately willing his arms to stay by his sides. It was futile, though, and one tentative finger slid down the bassist's side.

He shivered but batted the hand away, eyes opening just a little. "No touching... not yet." And his eyes slid shut once again as he moved his body in erotic ways just for Kaoru.

When the music finally ceased, the leader was still staring in awe, too entranced by the preformance to realize the room was silent, save for their breathing.

Toshiya sat himself upon Kaoru's lap, arms loosely circling his neck. "Did you like it?" He asked, voice just a little above a whisper.

He was snapped out of his trance when he heard the younger's voice. "When... did you learn to move like that?"

The dark haired man smiled, pleased with Kaoru's tone. "Just last week. I took lessons especially for this occasion."

"But... Why?" His voice was laced with confusion.

"I know you like me Kao-kun," he whispered, moving in to nuzzle Kaoru's neck. "Die told me, because he knew I felt the same way." He suckled on the pale flesh just in front of his mouth, teeth lightly scraping over it. "He said this would be the perfect opportunity to make my move, and he also said he'd get the others in on it as well."

"So then..." He glanced over to the couch, expecting to see the other members of their band, but no one was there.

"They agreed to leave after everything was set up." He nibbled on the older's neck. "Which is wonderful, because I want to give you your gift in private."

Kaoru blinked. "But didn't you already-"

"The dance was only part of it. Or shall I say... That was only the beginning of the dance." His lips moved to the guitarist's ear. "I'll need your help with the rest," he purred, and his tongue slipped into Kaoru's ear, teasing the shell briefly before moving back into his mouth.

A light shudder ran throughout him, and his arms encircled Toshiya's waist. "What kind of dancing are you talking about?" He asked, even though he knew what the bassist was implying.

"I've always been a firm believer in the phrase 'Actions speak louder than words.'" He licked his lips and leaned back so he could look into Kaoru's eyes. "So why don't I show you instead of telling you?"

Toshiya's response was hungry, eager lips pressing against his own, and he let out a small moan of encouragement as his arms tightened around Kaoru's neck.

He eagerly ate at the bassist's mouth, his hands stroking up and down Toshiya's bare back. His tongue wormed its way between the younger man's full lips, entering the warm cavern that lay just beyond them.

Another moan escaped him and he pressed his upper body tightly against Kaoru's, trying to get as close to him as he could. One hand tangled in the leader's dark locks, tightly gripping the short strands as he returned the kiss with much eagerness and passion. He could feel the older man's erection pressing against him, and he took great pride in knowing that it was he who had caused it.

"Mmn, Kaoru, I think we'll need more room to move if we're gonna continue this," he panted as he pulled away from the leader's lips. The hand that wasn't tangled in hair moved to Kaoru's chest, rubbing up and down languidly before dipping under the shirt. His long fingers teasingly moved over his stomach, drawing a gasp and a small shudder from the guitarist.

Kaoru nodded his head a bit too eagerly, then wrapped his arms tightly around Toshiya's waist. He stood up with no small amount of effort, and immediately the bassist's legs wound around him, arms once again around the older's neck. As they walked Toshiya got rid of the bells around his wrists, tossing them onto the floor. The guitarist stumbled toward his room, keeping a tight grip on the one wrapped around his body. He gave a light gasp when he felt warm lips attack his neck, and he quickened his pace.

When they finally reached the room, Toshiya was dumped onto the bed, an eager Kaoru following suit. He straddled the younger man, then quickly got rid of his shirt, tossing it to the floor. He gazed down at the slim form beneath him for a moment when something suddenly popped into his head. "Before we start this," he said, voice slightly winded. "I want you to tell me that this isn't going to be a random fling."

Toshiya blinked, then smiled and wrapped his arms around Kaoru's middle. "Didn't I already say that I like you, Kao-kun?" Leaning up, he placed a chaste kiss on the older man's lips. "And besides," he started, his smile forming into a smirk. "Even if I did want it to be just a fling, there's nothing you could do to stop this," he gestured to their position, "from happening."

Kaoru smirked as well. "And why not? What would you do, rape me?"

He grinned. "If it came down to that, maybe. But that's not what I meant." His hand ran up and down the older man's back. "It's rude, very rude, to reject a gift, and since this is my gift to you..." He trailed off, fingers dancing up the leader's back and stopping at his neck. "Now, enough talk." He pulled Kaoru's head down and covered the pale lips of the guitarist with his own in a demanding kiss that was sure to end all conversation.

Kaoru submitted willingly, body lowering so that he lay on top of the younger man. As his mouth was ravished by that tongue, he felt hands once again travel down his back, stroking gently with the occasional scrape of blunt nails. The kiss grew more urgent and passionate, and the older man became increasingly aware that he was still in his jeans.

While Kaoru was immersed in the kiss, Toshiya's hands slid down to the front the other's pants, making quick work of the button and zipper. The guitarist was oblivious to it until he felt fingers dip into the now opened jeans, brushing just barely against his confined erection. He gave a small moan against the younger's lips before pulling back, looking down at Toshiya as he tried to regain his breath.

"I think," the bassist began, "that these need to go." He tugged at Kaoru's pants, and the older man nodded his head in agreement as he pulled away, quickly stripping himself of both his socks and his jeans.

Toshiya nearly purred as he took in the sight of a naked and obviously aroused Kaoru, then he, too, got rid of the remaining clothing on his body, the sheer material of his pants flying to a forgotten corner of the room. Smirking when he noticed the guitarist's wandering eyes, he flipped their positions, putting the older man beneath him.

"Since it's your birthday," he said slowly, voice husky with need. His hands ran down Kaoru's chest teasingly, watching with hungry eyes as the older man's body arched into his touches. "I'm going to be the one that gets to do the pleasuring." He grinned as he said the words, then quickly got to work, mouth latching onto the guitarist's jawline.

His lips, tongue, and teeth worked at Kaoru's skin, leaving faint red marks in their wake as he moved down his neck. He stopped at the prominent adam's apple, lavishing attention upon it. He sucked, licked, and nipped at it, drawing small sounds from the smaller man that nearly drove Toshiya insane with lust.

Kaoru's hands undid the bun quickly, then wrapped in the younger's hair as the younger man moved further down the pale, skinny chest, encouraging the bassist to continue, which he did happily. His tongue left thick lines of moisture on the other's skin, and when his saliva thoroughly coated a pink nipple, he drew back slightly to blow cool air on the wet flesh.

"Ahhn," was the small cry that escaped him as he both arched into and flinched away from the sensations being inflicted upon him. The same ministrations were given to the opposite nipple, earning a nearly identical response.

"You like that?" Toshiya whispered, shifting a bit so his erection dug into the other's thigh. His answer was a soft whimper, begging him to do more. With a smile, his mouth latched onto one of the erect nubs, and he sucked softly, purposely being louder than necessary.

Kaoru moaned again, wanting desperately to do something, anything. He finally settled for running his guitar-callused fingers up and down Toshiya's smooth shoulders and back.

The bassist was highly enjoying the power he held over the older man, but his body was now aching for something to take away the pressure that had built up to an almost unbearable point. His hips began moving against his will, rocking into Kaoru's thigh as he switched over to the other nipple, sucking on it as he had done to the first. One hand rubbed up and down the older man's stomach, and finally it came to a rest at the smaller one's length. He cupped him lightly, not moving his hand at all as he lifted his head from Kaoru's chest to get a good look at his face.

"What do you want me to do?" He asked, his voice a husky whisper as he stared into the guitarist's eyes.

The older man's head thrashed from side to side, hips desperately trying to thrust down into the hand on his member. "I... I don't care, anything, just.... Do something, please..." He was amazed that he had actually been able to form words in his highly aroused state.

"Anything huh?" Toshiya smirked, then his brow creased slightly in thought. "Well, since it's your birthday... I'll let you decide. Do you want this," he gave Kaoru's erection a small squeeze, resulting in a groan, "in me? Or do you want this," he thrust his hips forward against the other's thigh, "in you?"

He was barely able to register the meanings of the two different questions, and he thought as best he could. Just as he was about to give his answer, Toshiya's hand began gently massaging him, causing everything to flee his mind. "In you," he gasped, thrusting into the touches he was given.

Toshiya smiled; it was the answer he had known would come. With a nod, he removed his hand and sat up. "Go lean against the headboard," he said, nodding towards it. Once the guitarist was in the designated spot, the younger man crawled after him, sitting on his hips. The bassist managed to hold back a moan and asked in a breathy voice, "Kao-kun, where do you keep the lube?"

"Ungh... Bottom drawer," he whispered, nodding to the nightstand beside the bed. With a small kiss to Kaoru's lips, the taller man leaned over and retrieved the tube, then popped the top and grabbed the leader's hand. He coated three fingers in the slick subtance, then tossed the lube to the side. He brought the digits to his entrance as he leaned forward, pressing his chest against the older man's.

Toshiya's lips parted when he felt a finger begin to probe him, then as it began to move gently in and out of him, he released a series of small moans, right into Kaoru's ear. The guitarist's skin rose in goosebumps at both the sounds being emitted and the feeling of that hot breath against one of his more sensitive areas. Carefully, he let a second digit join the first, bringing more moans from the younger's lips, despite the slight pain he was in.

His hips moved back against the invading fingers, his skin becoming covered in a thin sheen of sweat. "Kaoru... More, please..." He was making constant sounds, mewling against the older's ear.

The smaller man complied, slipping the third and final finger into Toshiya. With his other hand, he gently lifted the bassist's face to his own, and he stared into his eyes, watching all the emotions swirl around in the dark depths before leaning in and covering the full, parted lips with his own.

The kiss was slow, gentle, proving that what they were doing was about more than just lust. After a few more moments, Kaoru pulled both his fingers and his mouth away from the younger man. "Ready?" He whispered, hands running soothingly up and down the other's back.

Toshiya nodded, a small smile gracing his lips before he lifted his body, positioning himself above the older man's arousal. He leaned forward again, initiating another kiss as he lowered himself.

Kaoru felt the bassist tense as he was entered, and he poured more of himself into the union of their lips in an attempt to take some of the pain away.

When he was fully impaled, Toshiya stayed still, returning the kiss as well as he could. Tears were running silently down his cheeks, but they went unnoticed by both men. That is, until Kaoru pulled away and saw the thin lines of moisture marring the pale skin.

Gently, he brushed the wetness away with the back of his fingers. "Does it hurt too much?" He whispered, not really wanting to stop, but willing to if Toshiya was in too much pain.

He shook his head. "I'm okay," he whispered, smiling despite the slight pain he still felt. Slowly, he lifted himself up, Kaoru's hands immediately straying to his hips and helping him as well as he could. When the older man's erection was almost completely out of him, he eased himself down again, both men groaning at the sensations that coursed throughout them.

They continued on like that, developing a slow, steady pace, but soon the two were desperate for something more. Toshiya began moving more quickly, driving himself down onto the hot flesh that filled him. Every time he was completely impaled, he would give a small twist of his hips, making both men cry out everytime the bassist was entered.

Toshiya's head fell forward, resting on Kaoru's shoulder as the pace sped up even further. Moans and pants filled the room as the two sweat-drenched bodies continued to move together and apart, those sounds accompanied by that of skin slapping together.

Kaoru's finger's dug nearly painfully into the bassist's hips, but it went unnoticed by the latter, as he was too immersed in the pleasure that he was experiencing. Toshiya's eyes fluttered open for a moment, gazing at the face that was mere inches from his own.

"Kaoru," he gasped, taking in the look of pure ecstasy on the older man's face. Almost instantly, the guitarist's eyes opened as well.

"Totchi..." They continued to look into eachother's eyes, an unspoken request going from one man to the other. Wordlessly, Kaoru began thrusting in as hard as he was able, Toshiya meeting his every move.

Suddenly, the younger man gave a shrill cry as that spot within him was found. His motions became more frantic as his sweetspot was struck repeatedly, and he began trembling on top of the guitarist.

Kaoru could feel it too, the pressure that was quickly building to an unbearable point. His hand moved down to Toshiya's arousal, wrapping around it as his mouth moved forward and latched onto the younger's shoulder, his movements simultaniously growing choppy.

Toshiya was unprepared for the sudden touches he recieved, and he came almost abruptly, nearly screaming Kaoru's name.

The smaller man followed the other over the edge immediately, the loud yell and the muscles clamping around him more than enough to drive his body to its limits. His teeth sunk into the pale skin, effectively muffling the sound he emitted as his seed filled and soothed the younger man's insides.

Toshiya all but collapsed on Kaoru, and after a moment he lifted up and let the guitarist's spent sex slip away. He smiled when he felt strong arms wrap around him and adjust them so they were under the blankets with their heads on the pillows. "Happy Birthday, Kaoru," he whispered, snuggling up to the older man.

"Thank you," he replied quietly, petting the bassist's hair fondly.

They were silent for a while, and Toshiya was almost asleep when he heard a soft snore. With a smile, he sat up slightly and brushed dark bangs away from the sleeping man's face, taking in the relaxed features. With a satisfied sigh, he laid down again, snuggling up to his lover as sleep claimed him as well.