Random Happenings In The Life Of Kaoru and Toshiya
Written by PokeyPillow & Kashshaptu
Chapter One
Rating: NC-17
Kaoru chewed on the end of his pen, eyes focused on the paper in front of him. He sighed softly and lowered the pen, signing the areas that needed to be signed, before switching papers and reading over the next one.

Toshiya was there, along with the rest of the group, sighing heavily he moved even lower on his seat. This was one of the most boring meetings ever. He didn't see a point in being there while some stupid paperwork was done. He just kept on staring at Kaoru, hoping he would be done soon.

He glanced around at his band mates briefly, wondering why they even had to be there. He was the only one signing papers, the others were just... there. Both Die and Kyo were asleep, or at least half asleep, each leaning on either of Shinya's shoulders, the poor drummer stuck between them and unable to move. And Toshiya... he looked completely miserable. The guitarist gave him a brief smile of sympathy before turning back to the papers that demanded his attention.

The bassist caught the smile and his eyes lit up for a second. He was bored out of his mind. 'Maybe I should liven things a bit up here.' He thought contemplating. While moving a bit lower in his seat he gave Kaoru a soft kick against his leg. He quickly put on his most innocent face and started to look anywhere but at the leader.

Kaoru jumped slightly when he was kicked, his eyes quickly darting back to the source, who was obviously avoiding him. His expression turned suspicious and he turned back to the troublesome paperwork, watching Toshiya out of the corner of his eye.

When there wasn't much of a reaction from the leader Toshiya pouted slightly. He's no fun! I'll teach him! When he was sure Kaoru wasn't looking anymore he started to nudge him in his leg repeatedly, this time he didn't look away, he just looked Kaoru right in the eyes with a cute, evil gleam in his eyes.

Looking up again when his leg was repeatedly harassed, he glared slightly at the younger man. He was wary of the important yet mean looking business men not far off; he didn't want to piss them off by not being on task. "What?" he whispered, trying not to draw unwanted attention.

Toshiya just plainly looked at him and pulled up his shoulders. "I dunno." he whispered back, as he started to just softly rub against Kaoru's leg. Ignoring the glare of the older man, trying to see how far he could go before he would get completely pissed off.

The movements of the other proved to soothe him more than anything else, and he returned to his papers, reading through them quickly yet thoroughly. He filled out most of it, then paused, stretching his hand a bit.

Toshiya was surprised. He really didn't expect this reaction. The older man almost seemed content with what he was doing. Toshiya smirked, this meeting was getting more and more interesting. He quickly glanced at the business men. They seemed oblivious to the whole situation. They didn't look like they wanted to be there either so he just kept on rubbing the older man's leg, moving up higher every once in a while.

Kaoru's eyes widened slightly when the touches moved higher, and he snuck a glance at the bassist before returning once again to the papers. He tried his hardest to ignore the other man, and he went even faster with his reading and writing. Only minutes later, he was done, and threw the papers and pen onto the middle of the table, resulting in a satisfying slap against the wooden surface.

Toshiya smirked satisfied, that really did the trick, he decided to remember the strategy for later times. He stretched out lazily and poked Kyo in the side. "Wake up! We're done!" He stood up and walked towards the door, swaying his hips from side to side suggestively before standing still at the door, waiting for the rest of the band to follow him out.

Kaoru yawned loudly and stood as well, flexing his hands a few times before cracking his neck. He nodded to the business men, who nodded back, and he quickly joined the bassist at the door. He didn't wait though; instead, he went right through the door, stopping at a vending machine in the hall. Getting some money out of his pocket, he put it into the machine and pressed the button for a bottle of water.

When the rest of the band was all there they joined Kaoru out in the hall. Still stretching and a bit drowsy, Toshiya decided he wanted something to drink too. He searched his pockets but realised he didn't have his wallet with him today. He pouted. "Mou! I have no money. Kao-kun, can I steal a sip of your water?" He said a bit whiny, quickly giving the older man his best puppy dog face.

Kaoru retrieved his water and took a big drink before passing it to the bassist wordlessly.

Toshiya took a few small sips of the water before handing the bottle back to Kaoru. "Ah thank you Kao-kun, I really needed that!" he said. Then he walked over to Die and started teasing him about drooling over Shinya while he was asleep.

Kaoru screwed the lid back on the bottle and shoved it into his bag. "I'm going now," he said to the others, heading for the exit. "See you all tomorrow." He waved slightly over his shoulder and disappeared out the door, heading to his car.

Toshiya heard him and while the others said their goodbye's Toshiya decided to go after him. "Kaoru, wait!" he yelled, while walking more quickly.

He heard the call when he was opening the door to his car, and he stood there, waiting for the other to get to him with calm eyes.

Toshiya quickly walked towards the other man. "I was wondering if you could give me a lift home. I got here by bus this morning and your place is about the same way as mine." He said with a smile. His stomach was making some weird noises. "And maybe go out for a bite first?" he said, laughing a bit awkwardly.

Smiling, Kaoru nodded. He always did like giving people rides.

Toshiya was glad. "Thank you so much!" he exclaimed as he threw his hands around Kaoru's neck for a tight hug. A few seconds passed, realising what he was doing, Totchi let go and scratched his head. "Hehe gomen, I get carried away sometimes." he said as he walked to the passengerís side of the car and quickly got in.

Smile widening a bit, he chuckled and got in his car, buckling up and starting it. "So," he said, looking over to his passenger. "Where to?"

Toshiya thought for a while. "Uhh, I know this nice new place near my apartment, they have really nice food and I can grab my wallet from my apartment beforehand, good idea?"

"Oh, ok." He pulled out of the parking lot and began driving towards Toshiya's house, which, like his own, was pretty far away.

Toshiya smiled and buckled his seatbelt as Kaoru drove off. He was a bit fidgety, not really knowing what to say or do. "Thank you again for driving me, and if you know a better place to go and eat, just tell me." he said a bit shy, he found it difficult to know what Kaoru wanted or meant sometimes.

"No need to thank me," he said, smiling over at the bassist. "And I trust your judgement, so we'll go to the place you suggested."

"Ok!" Toshiya said smiling back sweetly and tried to concentrate on the road, once in a while throwing glances at Kaoru.

Kaoru yawned again, the force of it bringing tears to his eyes. He removed one hand from the steering wheel to brush the wetness away.

The younger man snickered at the cute sight of Kaoru rubbing his eyes gave. "Ahh Kao-chan! There's no need to cry, you know I'm here, right?" he said a bit mocking but still good intended while patting the older man on his head grinning.

He shot a playful glare at Toshiya. "I'm not crying; I yawned, and it made my eyes water." He batted the hand away from his head and turned his attention back to the road, muttering something about being too strong and manly to cry under his breath.

Toshiya snickered at the muttering and his eyes started to gleam again with devilish delight. He loved to tease. "You don't have to lie to me! I understand perfectly. Even strong and manly guys like you cry!" He said with a smirk and poked him in the side teasingly.

Kaoru grumbled and again he batted the bassist's hand away. "I told you, I'm not crying. I'm tired, that's all there is to it," and his words proved true when he yawned again, eyes watering once more because of it. This time, though, he made no move to rub them away. Instead, he just watched the road through blurry eyes.

Toshiya pouted a bit. But when he saw the older man having tears in his eyes from yawning again he decided to be nice for a change. He got a tissue from his bag and gently started brushing the tears away.

A small, almost invisible smile crossed his lips, and he turned his head to the side slightly, giving the younger man easier access to his eyes, though his own stayed glued to the road, intent on not crashing.

Toshiya smiled as he got easier access to continue his administrations. He moved to the other eye to do the same as before, making sure Kaoru could still watch the road properly. When he was finished he put the tissue away and sat back in his seat again. "There you go." he said with a smile.

Kaoru shook his head with a small chuckle. "Thanks," he said, glancing over at Toshiya.

"No problem." he said smiling as his eyes started to watch the road once again.

He continued sneaking the occasional glance at the bassist, his eyes flicking from the road to Toshiya, then back again. Once, though, he caught sight of the clock in his car, and his eyes widened. "Wow... 6:30 already... That meeting took longer than I thought it would."

"That explains why I'm so hungry, ne! And if you're too tired to go to a restaurant you can just drop me off, don't feel obliged." Toshiya said nicely. The focussing on the road failed miserably, he snuck in glances at the older man repeatedly.

"It's alright, I'm hungry too. I haven't eaten anything since... last night, I think," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Whoah! That's a long time! How do you go by without food?!" He exclaimed sounding worried. "You're not on a diet aren't you, you really shouldn't. You are skinny enough!" Toshiya rattled on...

"Oh no, nothing like that," he said, eyes moving to the bassist once again before turning back to the nearly deserted road. "I simply haven't had time to eat."

"That busy, eh?" He said. "Well, you're in for a treat then. When I get my wallet I'm going to treat you for a nice stuffing dinner so you won't be hungry for at least 4 days!" He said, flashing his trademark crooked grin.

Smiling, he shook his head. "You really don't have to do that," he said.

"I don't have to, but I am going to anyway. You've been working too much lately, you should relax some more, so I'm going to treat you to a nice dinner." He said determined.

"Alright alright," he reached over and ruffled the younger man's hair. "You're just too nice sometimes, you know that?"

Toshiya giggled at the action and smiled contently. "Just remember me when you're even older than now and are really rich with a lot of videogames and nobody to play them with." He said with a wink.

Kaoru pouted. "'Even older than now' huh? Are you trying to imply something?"

Toshiya scratched his head, sweat dropping. "Uhh.....no, nothing, you're not old, I'm just really young!" He said giving his sweetest smile.

The guitarist grumbled. "You're only three years younger than me," and he continued pouting, his eyes only for the lonely, darkening roads.

"But as I was saying," he began as he changed the topic, "if I'm just really young you're young too! Makes sense, doesn't it!" He said smiling brightly, knowing this didn't make sense to anyone except himself.

He couldn't help but smile back, faintly, at the other's optimism. "Not really, but itís alright."
Suddenly, a loud popping sound sounded, and he immediately pulled over, eyes wide.

Toshiya frowned. "What happened?"

He shut the car off without saying a word and opened his door, stepping out. He walked to the front left tire, kicked it, then moved to the right, doing the same. Frowning, he walked to the back right tire, kicked it, then glared. "Fuck!"

Toshiya was still frowning, seeing Kaoru kicking the tires. He also got out of the car and walked over to Kaoru. He didn't notice the tire yet. "Did we hit something?"

He kicked the tire harder, this time in frustration. "Possibly. My damn tire's flat, I have no spare, and I don't have my phone with me." He pounded an angry fist on the trunk.

"I have my phone with me!" Toshiya declared as he began searching his pockets.....and then his jacket pockets....finally his bag......"Or I might have left it together with my wallet on the kitchen counter this morning..."

Growling, Kaoru walked back to the driver's side door and got back in, slamming the door and resting his head against the wheel. "Fuck," he whispered, closing his eyes to try and calm down.

Hesitant Toshiya followed and sat next to Kaoru. He reached out a hand and gently rubbed the older man's back, trying to calm him down.

His hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, his teeth clenched together, trying to fight off the tears of frustration that threatened to fall. "I didn't need this," he whispered, just before he started banging his head against the wheel it was resting against, causing the horn to sound repeatedly.

Toshiya was a bit startled. Kaoru, the almighty leader-sama, the strong one of the group... He didn't know what to do. "Kaoru-kun, please stop, you're hurting yourself." He brought one hand to the man's head and gently stopped him. He scooted over a bit, sitting as close to him as possible and did what came to mind first. He hugged him, his arms wrapping around the stressed out man, whispering in his ear. "It's alright, just calm down, you're not alone, ne?"

Kaoru's breath was coming out in loud gasps due to the effort he put into trying to hold the tears back, and his small outburst. "Don't," he whispered back. "If you do... I'll..." he didn't get to finish his sentence, and a sob ripped itself from his throat.

Toshiya honestly felt compassion for the man. He was completely overworked. He kept on whispering words of comfort to the older man, but didn't tell him to stop crying. He just hugged the other man tight and rubbed his back soothingly, moving back and forth a bit. "Just let it all out." he said whispering

Kaoru's hands moved from the steering wheel to Toshiya's shirt, clutching it tightly as the tears streaked down his face and the sobs continued to wrack his body. He buried his head into the bassist chest, not caring anymore if it made him look and feel weak.

The younger man still held on tightly one hand moving to hold Kaoru's head, the other still rubbing his back as he kept on repeating the same words over and over, saying everything would be alright. He placed a kiss on the other man's head and sat patiently with him.

Slowly, the sobs subsided, but the tears still ran in steady streams down his cheeks. "I'm sorry..." he said, voice small and barely audible, but he didn't move from his position.

"No, I'm sorry. You're always the one working hardest, taking care of all the boring paperwork. We took you for granted." Toshiya said, not wanting to let the other man go.

"No, it's my responsibility," he said, burying his face further into the inviting chest. "I'm the one that's supposed to be doing all that stuff."

"Well, what's the fun in doing that stuff if you die of it?" Toshiya chuckled softly, cherishing the feel of the other man in his arms. "Promise me this, from now on if it's too much, ask for my help, ok?"

"I can't do that. Itís too much of a burden to put on other people's shoulders." He raised his eyes to look into the younger's face, feeling much like a small child. "Thank you, though."

Toshiya smiled. "Well, I just decided I'm the vice leader-sama of the band now and that means I have to help you." He said stubbornly. "If you're not going to ask me for help I'll force it onto you." he said as he looked back into Kaoru's eyes, smiling sweetly. He once again took out a tissue and started brushing away the still evident tears.

Kaoru returned the smile, a light chuckle escaping him. "Okay, fine," he said, knowing he wouldn't be able to win the argument. He grabbed the wrist that was dabbing away his tears, and pulled Toshiya into a tight hug. "Thank you," he said again.

Toshiya hugged back tightly, savouring the feeling of the other man's warm body against his. "Anytime." he said.

Giving the bassist one last squeeze, he pulled away, somewhat reluctantly, and looked out the windshield. "Itís getting late," he said softly, noticing the sky had darkened considerably since he had last checked. The road they were on was completely deserted, and he was doubtful that any more cars would come down that way.

Toshiya noticed too and nodded. "How far is it to my apartment? Cause I'm guessing we have to walk home."

"Right now I think we're a little less than halfway there..." He sighed, then shook his head, leaning back in his own seat. "I don't want to chance walking there in the dark, and I really don't want to leave my car out here overnight."

"So you're saying we should stay in the car overnight?" He asked, frowning a bit.

"We don't really have any other choice. If someone comes down this way then we may be able to use their phone if they have one, or they may be able to give us a lift to somewhere where there is a phone, but for now we'll just have to count on staying here tonight," he said.

"Ok, I think you're right." Toshiya said as his stomach once again made hungry noises. He blushed and looked at Kaoru. "What about food, then?"

"Hmm..." He leaned over to Toshiya's side, almost bumping against him in the small space, and opened the glove compartment. He dug around, looking underneath papers and other various items, searching for some sort of food.

Toshiya held his breath due to Kaoru being so close to him. He liked the warmth and comfortable feeling it gave him. "Maybe I have some candy bars or something in my bag too, lemme check." Toshiya said smugly as he leaned over to his bag, which was in between his legs in front of the seat, his breath caressing Kaoru's ear as he began searching for something edible.

He shuddered lightly at the hot breath on his skin, but tried to ignore it as he continued searching. "Aha!" He pulled out a bag of chips and leaned back again abruptly, somehow temporarily forgetting Toshiya was right behind him and slamming his head into the younger man's.

"AGH!" Toshiya exclaimed as Kaoru's head slammed against his lips and teeth. As a reaction to the pain he shut his eyes tightly, tears forming in the corners because of that.

"Oh fuck! Are you alright?" He looked at the bassist worriedly and took his face into his small hands, inspecting the lips he had just rammed his head into.

Toshiya didn't say anything, he was just waiting for the initial wave of pain to subside. After a minute or so he spoke. "Yeah, I'm fy K'ru, my liphs are juz a lil' num." as he tried to smile a bit, reassuring it wasn't life threatening. Most of the pain was subsiding anyway, resulting in a dull throb.

"But..." He leaned over and grabbed his bag from the backseat, pulling out the water he had bought earlier and a black bandana. He wet the cloth, then dabbed at his lips. "You're bleeding," he said, carefully wiping the blood from his bottom lip.

Toshiya gasped at the cool water on his aflamed lips. "I am?" he asked a bit shocked as he looked directly in Kaoru's eyes. He didn't notice the other man was so close until now.

Nodding, he continued to clean away the crimson on the younger's lips, slightly irritated when the small cut wouldn't stop bleeding.

Toshiya noticed the slightly annoyed expression on Kaoru's face. "What's the matter?" he whispered softly, trying to hold his lips as still as he could while talking.

"It won't stop bleeding," he said, still wiping at the injury. "Hm... saliva is supposed to stop cuts from bleeding." he pulled his hand away. "Suck on it for a bit, it may help."

Toshiya looked Kaoru from under his eyelashes. "Why don't you help me with that....." he said huskily.

Kaoru blinked, then stared at those full, still bleeding lips. Slowly, he moved forward to close the distance between them, then whispered, "Don't mind if I do," and pulled the lower lip between his own. He licked it lightly, the taste of the other's life assaulting his senses.

Toshiya gasped and closed his eyes. He darted out his tongue, licking against the other man's upper lip, wanting to taste more of him.

Kaoru followed suit, eyes fluttering shut as he parted his lips. His tongue rose to hesitantly to touch the others while his hands moved to rest lightly on Toshiya's shoulders.

The bassist savoured the taste of the older man's tongue and gently started moving against it. He slightly tilted his head to the side as his hands wrapped himself around Kaoru's waist, absentmindedly stroking the other's back.

Kaoru pressed their mouths together more firmly, his hands moving up to dark locks, fingers tangling in the soft hair. He wasn't happy with the current position, however, as he was practically hanging off his seat, and he broke the union of their lips, breathing slightly heavier.

Toshiya slowly opened his eyes, his cheeks blushing and his breath coming in slight pants. "Why did you stop?" was all he could muster out.

Kaoru gestured to his current position on the seat with a sheepish grin.

"Ah, I understand." Toshiya said grinning as he pushed Kaoru back into his seat and climbed over to straddle his legs. His head moved to the older man's ear. "Is this better kao-chan?" He whispered teasingly as he nibbled slightly on the other's earlobe.

His hands latched onto Toshiya's hips and he tilted his head to the side. "Oh yes, much better." His eyes fluttered shut again, immersing himself in the bassist's touch.

Toshiya grinned as he continued his ministrations on the other man's earlobe, breathing softly in his ear while he kept on sucking and nibbling. Meanwhile his hands where caressing Kaoru's chest and abdomen with his fingertips.

Kaoru's breath hitched at the combination of hands on his torso and lips and breath on his ear. His own hands slipped underneath Toshiya's shirt, and his fingers traced random patterns on the smooth skin, eager to feel what he could of the younger man's body.

Toshiya gasped at the feel of the other mans rough, calloused fingers on his heated skin and let out a soft moan. His lips started to make a trail of sloppy kisses and love bites downwards to his shoulder, sucking at the junction between his neck and shoulder.

He shuddered lightly at the sound the other produced, and his fingers started rubbing harder as Toshiya moved down his neck. His heart was now pounding in his chest and he let out a small sound from deep within his throat.

He moaned again, a bit harder this time, his lips claiming the other's again in a passionate kiss while his hands shakingly tried to undo the buttons on Kaoru's shirt.

Kaoru returned the kiss with fervour, nibbling on the full lips before running his tongue along them and thrusting it into the other's mouth, exploring the cavern hungrily. He started using his nails on Toshiya's back, digging them in lightly and scraping them along the smooth skin.

Moaning out loud his hands were still busy opening the last few buttons of the shirt, finally being able to touch the other's skin. He moved his right hand to Kaoru's nipple and pinched it while his other hand was raking over his torso.

Groaning, he arched up into those hands on his chest, his own touches becoming nearly frantic. He broke their kiss and hastily pulled Toshiya's shirt over his head. His mouth travelled to the other's ear, where he whispered, "There's more room in the back."

"Good thinking." he panted as he crawled off Kaoru's lap and wriggled himself in between the front seats to plop down on the backseat.

Kaoru slipped his shirt off and threw it to the passenger seat before quickly following the bassist. He fell on top of Toshiya and pressed their now bare chests together, mouth moving to nibble on the skin just below the younger man's ear.

Toshiya gasped at the friction of their chests and Kaoru's nibbling. He thrusted his hips up, making clear he was beginning to get extremely aroused as he raked his nails over Kaoru's back.

He moaned and ground his hips down, showing that he, too, was in the same condition. His mouth moved lower down that smooth, pale neck, and came to the front of it, where the other's Adam's apple was located. He suckled on it gently, then lightly scraped his teeth across it.

"Ahh...Kaoru," He moaned out loud. He threw his head back to allow more access as he started thrusting his hips up repeatedly, his hands moving down lower to grab the other man's ass to push back against him.

Kaoru moaned as well, hips grinding almost brutally into the others. His breathing was becoming short and ragged, and he moved back to Toshiya's lips, pouring all the passion he felt into the kiss. His tongue completely ravished the other's mouth, pushing inside as far as he possibly could.

Toshiya kissed back hungrily, their tongues battling for dominance over the other. His hands moved down to Kaoru's sides, he was tugging at the hem of the man's pants, wanting them off as quickly as possible.

He pulled back from the kiss, panting loudly, and his hands moved down to the button of his jeans. He undid them, then wiggled out of them as quickly as he could. After kicking the troublesome cloth to the floor, he turned his attention to the bassist's pants, doing the same to them, just as quickly.

Toshiya helped him with the troublesome task, while his other hand went to press at Kaoru's clothed erection, moving his hand over the whole length with a slight pressure.

All the air left his lungs when that hand caressed him, and he all but collapsed back onto the lithe form beneath him. His breath was coming out in quick gasps, and, since his mouth was near the other's ear once again, the small hairs in that area were disturbed by his heavy breathing. "Toshiya..." he said, his voice more husky than normal and barely recognizable.

Toshiya continued his ministrations, relishing the sounds he got from the older man as he worked his hands up and down his length. "Tell me what you want from me, kao-kun." he whispered while latching himself once more to the other's earlobe.

Kaoru was thrusting his hips into that hand, his thoughts quickly fleeing from him. "I want..." He licked his lips, then grabbed the other's wrist, stilling his movements. He grabbed the other wrist as well and brought them both to either side of the younger's head, holding them captive. He moved so he was looking down at Toshiya, lips mere millimetres apart. "I want you to tell me what you want me to do," he breathed, hips rocking roughly down into the bassist's.

"God, Kaoru!" He moaned, all rational thoughts leaving his mind as he arched his back into the man's rocking hips. "I.." He couldn't think straight, he had a faint blush on his face as he thought about what he wanted and he loved the way the other man was dominating him. "Please Kao, I want you.." He moaned out desperately.

"What do you want me to do?" He repeated, licking the other's bottom lip teasingly, hips still moving down into the younger man's.

"Uhh...Kaoru..I.." He breathed out, moaning with every thrust of Kaoru's hips. He never thought he would be shy, but at this point he was kind of taken back with the other man's boldness but he couldn't take this much longer. "I.....please! Kaoru, take me!" he yelled out with the next thrusting of hips.

Groaning at the words, he crushed his lips to Toshiya's in a near brutal kiss, hands releasing the other's wrists to travel down to their hips. He broke the union of their lips and quickly disposed of his boxers. He breathed out a satisfied sigh when his erection was free of its confines.

As soon as his hands were let go off, he brought them down to his own boxers, practically tearing them off, once in a while 'accidentally' brushing against Kaoru's now freed length. When he finally got rid of his boxers he threw them to the ground and thrusted his hips up.

Kaoru made a small sound of appreciation at the sensation of flesh on flesh, once again lying down on the other's now completely nude body. However, this time he didn't stay still. Instead, he moved down to one pink nipple, lapping at it while he brought three fingers to the bassist's lips.

Toshiya got the hint and gasped, while sensually he darted out his tongue to lick at the fingers, slowly taking in more and more of them, sucking and swirling his tongue around them as he brought his hands up into Kaoru's hair, encouraging the man to continue with what he was doing, while making soft mewling sounds every time the other man lapped at his sensitive nipple.

Kaoru shuddered in delight at the noises the other was emitting, and he was determined to make the other produce more of those delicious sounds. He nibbled lightly on the small nub, then moved to the neglected one, inflicting the same ministrations upon it.

Arching up against Kaoru's eager mouth he moaned out, still working on Kaoru's fingers, twirling his tongue around them while rocking his hips eagerly into the other's, rubbing together their slick lengths.

Kaoru groaned against the younger man's chest and withdrew his fingers, knowing that if what they were doing continued on much longer then it would all be over. He moved his body down the other's, bending the bassist's legs at the knees and placing his feet flat on the seat. He stayed between them, and momentarily admired the sight of a naked, aroused Toshiya spread before him.

Toshiya lay there, his head turned slightly to the side, pink dusted his cheeks as his breath came in short pants. His body glistening with a thin sheen of sweat, legs spread a bit. His impressive length was pulsating with need. "Please...Kaoru...just.." he managed to pant out.

Nodding, he brought one finger to the other's entrance and slowly pushed it inside, simultaneously leaning his head forward to lick away the precum that had gathered at the tip of the younger man's arousal.

Moaning, Toshiya was torn between actions, he desperately wanted to thrust his hips up and meet Kaoru's licks but at the same time he wanted to press them down to meet Kaoru's fingers. He was crying out Kaoru's name, begging for more.

His lips closed around the head of the pulsing sex at the same time a second finger entered him. He sucked lightly, nearly teasingly, and began moving his fingers in and out, scissoring him as he went.

He hissed at the sudden intrusion but was again torn in-between feelings, his hands were in Kaoru's hair, trying to force him down with all his might, wanting him to take more of him in. His head lolled from side to side and he saw stars as suddenly that spot deep inside of him was brushed. "Aah, please Kao, I...I..need you inside!" he managed to yell out in pleasure, this constant teasing was driving him crazy with lust for the older man.

Kaoru wasn't sure what he should do, so he finally slipped the third finger inside, his mouth moving down to envelope Toshiya's length fully in his mouth. He sucked as hard as he could, fingers moving slowly in and out at first before picking up speed.

Toshiya winced a bit because of the added finger and let out a long moan, loving the mix between pain and pleasure the other man was giving him by simultaneously sucking down hard on his cock, his hands gripping Kaoru's hair really hard, but he didn't care or notice at the moment. His mind was focused solely on the pleasure.

His eyes squeezed shut at the pain in his scalp, but he continued to suck on the flesh in his mouth, fingers still working their magic inside of the bassist. After a bit more of that, he removed both his fingers and his mouth, looking up to admire the bassist once more.

The younger man could barely hold back a cry of frustration when the other man stopped. He looked at the beautiful man sitting in between his legs with a flushed face before nodding, silently giving him permission to do what he initially wanted the man to do.

Kaoru nodded back and positioned himself at the entrance to the other's body, leaning up to press his lips gently against Toshiya's. He pushed inside slowly, groaning at the tightness that surrounded him.

He squeezed his eyes shut, a few tears slipping out, it really hurt but nonetheless smiled a bit at Kaoru's sweet gesture against his lips. He tried to gain back control over his breathing, waiting for the pain to subside a bit. It got less painful by the second, and after a minute or so he pressed his lips back against Kaoru's and wriggled a bit underneath him.

Taking that as a sign to move, he did so, pulling out slowly before gently rocking back in. He licked Toshiya's bottom lip once before slipping inside, tasting the interior of his mouth with lazy strokes of his tongue.

Toshiya kissed back lovingly, tongues fighting a slow battle, tasting each other. With every thrust pleasure increased and the pain slowly faded. "Kao...onegai...harder" he moaned out as he started to meet the other's thrusts.

Kaoru complied happily, pulling out almost all the way before slamming back in. He did this repeatedly, each time thrusting harder and faster into the sweaty body beneath him.

He thrusted up his hips to meet every of the other's thrusts, moaning uncontrollably as the sweet spot inside him was hit over and over again. His head lolled from side to side, hands clawing at the seats underneath him.

The guitarist's mouth latched onto Toshiya's neck, sucking and biting the sweaty skin as he sped his motions even more. His sounds of utmost pleasure were muffled by the pale flesh, and he was delighting in the passion-filled cries coming from the younger man.

He moved his head to the side to allow the other man more access to his sensitive neck as his hands were once on his back, one keeping the man's head in place and the other raking over his back. He couldn't hold on much longer, his neglected length was weeping with pre-cum, hard as a rock. "God..Kao..I can't...I'm going to..ahh!" he was mumbling incoherently now, hips slamming up to meet the others.

He was at the stage as the other man; he could feel the pressure building and building, quickly reaching its limits. One sweaty hand reached between their bodies and wrapped around Toshiya's dripping sex, his own hips pushing even harder and faster into the younger man. He sucked even more roughly on the elegant neck, and it was guaranteed that a large red mark would be left behind.

"O God!" He yelled, the combining sensations proving to be way too much to take. He lasted for a good 3 thrusts before his orgasm came spiralling down on him, moaning the other's name as he arched his back, his muscles contracting as he was lost in pleasure.

The tight channel that surrounded him became even tighter, and that, combined with the younger man's cries of ecstasy, was his downfall. Biting down roughly on Toshiya's neck to muffle his shout of pleasure, he spilled his essence deep within the bassist.

Toshiya lay in the afterglow of his orgasm as he gently wrapped an arm around the other man, nuzzling against his hair, waiting for his breath to calm down.

Pulling out, he collapsed onto the sweaty body under him, and apologetically licked at the wound on the pale neck. He panted heavily, and just lay there, in the warm embrace of the younger man.

Toshiya sighed contently almost purring at the warm, loving feeling he got from just lying there in each others arms. He kissed the other man's head as he felt his eyelids become droopy. 'must...not...fall...asleep' he thought to himself as he forced himself to stay awake.

Kaoru leaned up slightly to look into the other's face. He placed a small kiss on the younger's cheek and asked the question he already knew the answer to. "You alright?" He didn't know why he even asked, but it just seemed like the right thing to say.

"Yeah...That was just...amazing." he softly responded as gave the other man a small kiss back.

He smiled and rested his head on Toshiya's shoulder, closing his eyes and relishing in the feel of the other's body against his. His eyes opened again, though, when he realized something, and once again licked the bite mark on the other's neck. "That's twice today I've made you bleed," he whispered, kissing the abused flesh gently.

Toshiya giggled. "Yeah, but it did only good, ne?" he said as he kissed the other's cheek, when he suddenly wondered about something. "Kao....what does this make us?" he asked a bit insecure.

He thought for a moment, before asking, "What do you want it to make us?"

Blushing he stammered. ďI...kinda like you."