Hay, Let's Make Out!
Written by PokeyPillow & Kashshaptu
Chapter One
Rating: PG-13
"I bet you can't hit that ugly obaa-chan over there from this distance!" The black-haired boy whispered into the ear of his long-time best friend, grinning like an idiot. "She'd be so pissed! I double-dare you..." The two black-haired boys were sitting hidden form the rest of the world, safe in a large loft, hay all around them. A pile of eggs lay next to them, their shirts still stretched from carrying them up into their secret hiding place.

The young Kaoru grinned and looked at the old woman in question. She was dressed nicely, like she'd just come form something important. "I bet I can," he countered, picking up a brownish chicken's egg near his hand. He looked at it for a moment, then took aim, tongue poking out the corner of his lips in concentration, knowing he only had one chance. He lifted his arm, and threw the fragile object down towards the woman. It hit its target with surprisingly perfect accuracy, and he immediately burst into laughter when she gave a startled shout. He quickly slapped a hand over his mouth, ducking down low to make sure he was perfectly out of sight.

Kyo was covering his mouth with both hands, trying to keep completely quiet, lest the people would find out where the eggs came from, and more important; that they had thrown them. When he had calmed himself down and the yells from the woman below weren't audible anymore he removed his hand. "Oh my god, did you see that!?" He chuckled. "Right on the front of her dress!" He poked the other boy, grinning broadly.

His eyes were sparkling with mirth when he managed to calm himself as well. "Told you I could do it," he said triumphantly, then slowly lifted his head, peeking down at the family below. The old mother had retreated to their car, probably to try and clean the yolk off her dress, and two young girls were laughing at her, whilst being scolded by what was more than likely their mother. "Wanna try hitting them?" He asked, grinning widely as he pointed at the two girls.

Kyo's grin got broader, looking at the two overly cute dressed girls. "They deserve it, for wearing stupid dresses with stupid ribbons." He said, grabbing an egg from the pile and moving around in his hand until he had the right grip. "I'll get the ugly one on the right..." He said, taking a perfect aim and swinging the egg at the girl, hitting her square on her back before looking expectantly at Kaoru. "Quick! Before they notice where they come from!" He whispered.

Kaoru bit his lip to keep his laughter at bay, then hurriedly grabbed an egg. He tossed it up slightly in his hand, caught it, then threw it at the somewhat older girl on the right. He almost lost it when it hit her square in the cheek, and her shrill scream didn't help his control any. Quickly, he scrambled to his feet, grabbing Kyo's wrist and dragging him away from the little opening. "Come on!" He whispered loudly when he heard someone shouting in their direction.

Kyo couldn't control his laughter, but stopped. "Wait, this way." He said, quickly covering up the pile of eggs with some hay before pulling Kaoru up onto a few large hay-blocks, slowly making their way to the ceiling. "There's another small loft-like platform, completely blocked from anyone. Most people never notice it even." He said as they quickly made their way upon to the small wooden platform, crawling into the poofy hay that lay there.

When they reached their hidden destination, Kaoru collapsed onto the hay, still laughing, cheeks just a little flushed from all the adrenaline rushing through his veins. "Oh my god," he said when he had enough breath. "That was awesome. I don't think my aim has ever been that great," he chuckled breathlessly, rolling over so he wasn’t on his stomach.

"Did you see her face when you hit her square in the cheek?" Kyo laughed lying next to the other boy, holding his stomach. It actually hurt from laughing. "I don't think I've ever laughed this much while egging people." He chuckled, knowing they should be getting quiet, since people were probably going to search for them. But he surprisingly didn't hear the ladder to the loft creak, meaning no-one had found out this place yet.

He laughed somewhat weakly, his cheeks a little sore from grinning too much. "Priceless," he said, great satisfaction evident in his voice. "But man, my mom is gonna kill me if she ever finds out what we do when I'm over here." Another breathless laugh left him, and he stretched his arms over his head when he calmed a bit more.

"Yeah...mine too." He said somewhat softer. "Ah well. We could just tell them we've been hanging out on the loft....Like we -are- doing, just...leave some stuff out." He chuckled. "Tell her we were checking out those stupid girls." He said with a wide grin, breaking out into laughter again.

Kaoru gave a short, surprised laugh. "Oh yeah, like she'd believe that. And I'm a terrible liar, you know that. Besides, she'd be even more worried if I told her I was checking out girls. She'd go into mother hen mode and start asking me a ton of personal questions." Another short laugh left him and he moved his arms so they were crossed beneath his head, using them as a sort of pillow.

Kyo chuckled. "Hehehe, I'm glad my mom stays out of what I do in my own time. As long as I keep my grades up." He turned to his side, facing the other. "Oh! I know!" He started laughing again. "Tell your mom you were making out....with me!" He cracked up again. He was in the lamest mood ever, making stupid jokes and weird remarks. "Never mind me, ne?" He said in between laughs, burying his face into the hay. "She'd freak out though..."

He let out a snort, though he was grinning again. "Hell yeah she would, but hey, maybe she'd leave me alone for fear of hearing all the gruesome details." He laughed again, not really caring that this whole conversation had taken a somewhat odd and awkward turn.

Kyo also snorted. "Weird how moms will leave you alone when you pretend to be gay..." He mused. "It almost makes me wanna...you know, turn gay." He chuckled. This conversation really -was- getting weird. And the sudden urges that came to his mind were all quickly shaken off as he bit his lip.

Another laugh left him, and he nodded his head in agreement. "That would save me so much grief. My mom constantly bugs me about how I have to eventually live a normal laugh with kids and a wife and blahblahblah. It's weird, she wants me to not grow up and have a girlfriend now, but she wants me to mature enough to not act like the kid I am." He shrugged. "So yeah, maybe turning gay is a good idea." He grinned a bit, rolling his eyes to the side to get a good look at his friend.

Kyo looked at the other smiling. "Hmm yeah. And also! Imagine the look on her face when you tell her." He laughed, looking back at Kaoru with a big grin. "Yeah, it might be a good investment, ne?" He laughed again, a slight blush tainting his cheeks.

Kaoru snickered, nodding rapidly. "Oh man, that would be priceless. I'd have to remember to bring a camera." He grinned again as well. "I'm just glad my dad doesn't live at home anymore, otherwise... Hell, he'd probably end up ranting me to death. Or maybe he'd just all out strangle me." He chuckled again lightly to himself, studying Kyo's face once more before noticing something. Blinking, he brought one finger up to Kyo's cheek, tapping it gingerly. "What's wrong? You hot or something?" He asked, tilting his head a bit to the side as much as he could in his prone position.

"I…yes...it's hot in here." He said, blushing more when the other touched him like that. "A camera would be a good idea though." He said, quickly continuing the subject so it wasn't about him anymore. "Or just bring your newfound boyfriend home and start making out on the kitchen table."

He blinked at the response, since it wasn't at all hot in the loft. Actually, it was pretty cold, but he didn't say that. Instead, he grinned again at the other's words. "Oh yeah, that would be fun. And just think, if you're on the table, you can easily eat something if you get hungry or bored of making out." Then he noticed the slight increase of color on the smaller boy's skin. Brow creasing just a little in confusion, he brought the backs of his cool fingers to rest against one reddened cheek. "You sure you're okay?"

Kyo shuddered. "Yes, I'm ok, dunno, probably excitement." Then his eyes widened. "Oh! From...egging those gits earlier on I mean!" He quickly added, biting his lip and looking straight at Kaoru. "Who'd get bored making out?! You probably chose the wrong partner then." He chuckled, feeling the other's fingers still on his cheek.

Kaoru grinned widely at the first comment and sat up a bit, truly concerned for his friend and his strangely warm and pink cheeks. As he settled his other hand on the remaining cheek to cool him down, he shrugged. "Well I don't know, Kyo-kuuun," he said in a teasing voice. "I've never made out with anyone before. I'm only 13 you know. And you, have you been hiding things from me? Hmm?" He asked, grinning again.

Kyo looked at Kaoru like a deer caught in the headlights. "I...might have once made out with someone...yes." He whispered the words, looking down, the blush only worse now. He looked up at him, afraid for the reaction he'd get. Kaoru had been his best friend for years now, and the kiss he shared with someone from school just two weeks ago, had been a secret for everyone until now.

He faltered a little at that, since that had not been the reaction he was expecting, but he quickly grinned again, not really registering Kyo's expression. "I see... So, Kyo-kun's a little man-whore now huh?" He asked teasingly, shifting his hands around on the boy's face so the cheeks could 'cool down' more quickly. "I am a little bummed you didn't tell me, but ah well, I can see why you didn't. But anyways, what was it like?" He asked, the excitement apparent in his voice.

Kyo looked straight at Kaoru's face. "Well, it was just once, more of an accident. But it was....nice." He said softly, keeping his piercing look. "Sorry for not telling you earlier, it's not something we talk about daily." He sat up a little bit, moving his face closer to Kaoru's. "I...could show you what it was like though..." He softly whispered, thinking it was now or never. He'd fancied the slightly older boy for a while now and he wasn't going to let this opportunity pass now.

Kaoru blinked in surprise, not at all expecting that. He studied the smaller boy's face for a moment before slowly nodding his head. "Alright..." He said carefully, taking another brief moment to study his best friend's features before taking initiative and cautiously leaning forward, connecting their lips hesitantly.

Kyo sighed into the soft kiss, pressing their lips together. His arms slowly moved to hold the other's upper arms, needing some sort of connection as he moved his lips against Kaoru's, not yet feeling the need to take it further right this moment, letting out a soft sound.

His eyes slowly drifted shut when he felt a pair of small hands take a hold of his thin arms, and he leaned his body in towards the other boy just a little. His hands, which were still on Kyo's cheeks, slowly drifted down, skimming along his neck before settling on his shoulders. He applied a little more pressure against those soft lips, and, without realizing what exactly he was doing, his tongue moved out to wet his own dry lips, unintentionally doing the same to Kyo's in the process.

Kyo moaned softly, darting out his tongue as well, shyly touching Kaoru's. He tasted and played with the other's tongue and lips. His body moved closer to the other boy's, feeling him close to him, his hands caressing and moving to the other's back. He started stroking softly, opening his mouth, coaxing the other in.

Kaoru's hands tightened their grip a little on Kyo's shoulders, taking the offer to explore and slowly slipping his tongue inside that warm cavern. He was slightly surprised at how strange it felt. It certainly was a nice strange, but just so different from anything else his tongue had touched. Then again, the only thing his tongue had ever met before was food. Shrugging such useless thoughts away, he let the slick muscle trace the interior of the smaller boy's mouth.

Kyo eagerly kissed back, letting his tongue stroke and play with the other's, letting him feel around. His hands began stroking more eagerly, needing to feel the other closer now. He was drowning in the wonderful feeling and soft sounds were escaping him every time.

Kaoru's arms shifted a bit, one winding around the other boy's neck while the remaining arm took its place nestled around his waist. He pulled him closer, but the angle was still awkward, so he gently guided them to the hay covered floor, both of them lying on their sides. The movements of his tongue became a little rougher and urgent, applying more pressure in random areas. After a moment of that, he slowly withdrew his tongue and wrapped his lips around Kyo's bottom lip, taking it into his mouth and suckling on it experimentally, teeth being added to the mix and scraping across the soft flesh.

Kyo let out a soft whimper, loving the feel of the other's teeth on his lips, holding on tightly to the other. He was completely lost in the kiss, not knowing kisses could be -this- good. After a while, Kyo opened his eyes and moved back slightly, looking at Kaoru with, still, a blush on his face. He wasn't sure what to say, so he kept quiet, just looking at him, still holding him.

When those warm lips were separated from his own, he opened his eyes as well, the dark orbs looking slightly dazed. He noticed the pink tint still on those round cheeks, and it finally dawned on him just what it was. Chuckling to himself, he smiled gently at his friend. "You were right," he said, voice quiet. "I don't think that could ever get boring."


Kyo stretched as he stepped out of the car. He looked around at the, mostly unchanged, scenery and smiled. "This has been way too long since we visited." He said, smiling at the peaceful surroundings. He walked around the car and towards his lover, who also had gotten out of the car. "What do you say, Kao? I can already say we should visit this place more often." He smiled and wrapped his arms around his long-time lover, sighing relaxed.

Kaoru smiled and wrapped an arm loosely around the smaller man's waist. "Yeah, it has been a while. And it would be nice to come up here more..." He closed his car door with his hip, then started walking forward, looking around. "It all looks so different... Like I'm some giant now. I always remember everything being so big." He tilted his head a little as he continued studying their surroundings.

Kyo chuckled. "Yes, look at that shed...that was...our giant base!" He laughed. "Let’s go there. Your uncle and aunt probably don't mind that we go there before saying hi, ne?" He said as he pulled the other with him towards the shed, which still stood strong after all those years. "Hmm...Do you think we can still reach the secret platform?"

He grinned a bit, sensing a perfect teasing opportunity. "Well, I know I can't, but maybe... You probably can. You're small enough, I'm sure." He reached up and ruffled his lover's hair. "Might as well make sure though, ne?" He said, making his way towards the small structure.

Kyo stuck out his tongue and got into the shed, seeing the ladder that stood there for all these years still there. He started to climb upon it. "Come one, the large thing we can both reach with ease, seeing as it's build for grown ups to store hay." He said, motioning for Kaoru to follow him. He crawled up the loft, standing up immediately and looked down at his lover. "See! We can stand here for sure!" He said, raising his hands, motioning for it to be large enough to both stand.

As Kyo climbed up the ladder, Kaoru took the opportunity to look up in just the right moment to admire his lover's jean-clad ass. He resisted the urge to pinch it, lest he fall and send them both tumbling. When the smaller man was up in the loft, he followed suit, climbing the ladder and standing beside his lover. "Mmhmmm," he agreed, looking around. "Damn," he whispered. "It's so... small up here." He let his eyes take in the now small looking loft area, though it wasn't exactly small. It had just seemed so much bigger when he was younger.

Kyo chuckled as he walked around a bit. "I know again why we loved this place so much, though." He sighed and made his way to the teeny opening that was their secret place. "Whoah, we were so tiny when we were young! Even I was!" He laughed, moving some hay blocks to actually be able to look inside. "I'm pretty sure I could get in, but....get out...let's not try it." He chuckled, sticking his arm in.

Kaoru snickered and nodded his head. "Yeah, I don't want to have to be the one to drag your big ass out of there if you get stuck," he teased, delivering a swift smack to Kyo's backside. Without giving him much time to react, he turned and plopped down on the hay-covered floor, leaning against one of the stacks.

Kyo chuckled and looked at his lover insulted. "My ass isn't big." He said, straddling his lover, looking straight at it. "It is just sexy. And I can't help it that it's so extremely well-formed and sexy, you know?" He said smiling, poking the other's sides, starting to tickle him, poking his sides and abdomen mercilessly, grinning the whole time.

"ACK!" Kaoru yelped when he was suddenly 'attacked.' He tried to swat at the offending hands with no luck, laughing and desperately attempting to stop the assault. After a moment, he couldn't sit upright anymore and fell onto his side, laughing breathlessly. Finally, he managed to capture those devious hands, pinning them above Kyo's head as he flipped them so he was hovering over his lover. He grinned widely at him, triumph evident on his features.

Kyo stuck out his tongue. "That was punishment. Admit my ass is sexy." He said grinning, not at all minding the position they were in now. He then looked at their hidden space. "Remember that place? We shared our first kiss there." He softly said, smiling softly to himself and then looked up at Kaoru. "So many years have passed already."

Kaoru grinned a bit, giving the other what he wanted and saying that his ass was indeed sexy. Then he nodded, looking at place in question. "It was a long time ago, wasn't it? Strangely though... It doesn't really seem like it." He smiled a little, then looked down at his lover. "Too bad we can't fit in there anymore. We could have relived the memory."

Kyo grinned and looked straight at Kaoru. "I think we can sort of relive the memory right now, ne? The puffy hay is certainly something enjoyable." He chuckled, pressing his lips tight against Kaoru's, a certain need and eagerness flowing into the kiss. He then pulled back. "See? Perfect re-living..." He grinned.

"Mm, yes, perfect," he husked, grinning. He shifted his weight a bit, straddling his younger lover, hands still holding his wrists captive above his head. He then lowered his lips to Kyo's face, letting them gently brush his cheek, breath caressing the skin. When his lips met the smaller man's, they melded perfectly together, but Kaoru made sure to keep the contact light and teasing.

The blonde man smiled lovingly against the other's lips, keeping the sweet, teasing kiss the way it was, just feeling their lips connect slightly, shuddering as he breathed hot air onto the other's lips. He closed his eyes and just enjoyed the loving, marvelous feelings that ran through them both.

Kaoru's hands slowly made their way down the other's arms, fingers lightly caressing the soft skin as they made their way to the soft blond hair, tangling gently into the tresses. The tips of those guitar calloused digits gently kneaded his scalp as he repeated the action he had made when they were kids, tongue darting out to lick his own lips.

Kyo eagerly responded, making a soft sound before darting out his tongue also, caressing and licking the other's lips and tongue. He sighed and let his hands move to Kaoru's back, holding on tightly, pressing their bodies together.

He let his tongue swirl around his lover's, fingers still working their magic in Kyo's hair. He relaxed himself for the most part against the younger man, not wanting to crush him with his full-weight. After a brief moment, he slowly coaxed the blonde’s tongue into his mouth, lips parting enough to allow the intrusion.

Kyo eagerly let his tongue roam Kaoru's mouth, feeling and searching around, dancing around with the other's tongue. He moaned out softly, holding the other tightly to himself, not caring about getting squished. The other was as light as a feather anyway. He kissed back eagerly, pouring all his passion and love for the one above him into the lock of lips.

Kaoru made a small, almost inaudible sound, letting Kyo do as he wished to the interior of his mouth and loving every second of it. He began sucking and nibbling on the invading muscle, giving it extra treatment as it explored his mouth, just like it had done countless times before that. But no matter how many times he and Kyo had been intimate, whether it be making out or something more personal, it never seemed to get boring or lose any of the spark it had had all those years ago.

Kyo sighed, moaning softly and holding the other tight. He could drown and get lost in their kisses forever. He softly caressed the other’s back, feeling the cloth of Kaoru’s shirt underneath his touches. After a while he moved a bit back though, his mouth starting to suck and nibble on Kaoru’s lower lip, imitating that first kiss.

Kaoru's eyes fluttered open slowly, a lazy grin forming on his lips. While his lip was held captive, he untangled his fingers from Kyo's hair, gently stroking the strands down around his face. His tongue darted out to lightly lick at the smaller man's upper lip before he carefully separated their lips so as not to damage his that was still getting the nibble-treatment. He smiled fondly down at his lover, eyes a bit glazed over.

Kyo smiled back. "Damnit, this sure brings back memories." He said, biting his lip softly as he hugged the other tightly. "Think of how we changed, what happened to our lives. We went from girl-egging boys to forming a band. And now, we're going major... Shit..." He softly whispered. "And we've been together all these years..." He buried his face into the other's neck.

Kaoru smiled and continued to run his hand gently through Kyo's hair. "We have come a long way," he said softly, moving his head a bit too awkwardly place a kiss on the top of the blonde’s head. "And we'll only go further, Kyo. From here on, things can only get better. I won't let them take any other turn." He rubbed his cheek against the soft hair, inhaling his scent, still smiling.

"They will get better, ne?" Kyo said then, smiling against the other's shoulder. He hugged the other tightly once more before pulling back slightly. He pressed a soft kiss against Kaoru's mouth and smiled. "Happy anniversary..." He whispered, pressing another kiss to the man's cheek.