All Work, No Play
Written by PokeyPillow & Kashshaptu
Chapter One
Rating: NC-17
A day off... It was a little difficult for Kaoru to wrap his head around those words. He really could not remember the last day he'd had the luxury of just lounging around his home. To be honest though... It wasn't his idea. There was still so much to do, there was -always- so much to do. But his band mates seemed to disagree with him when he insisted that he had no need of a day off. Any other time, he would have argued with them until he got his way, but when he had seen the glint in their vocalist's eyes and had promptly decided that perhaps it was best to just go along with them. After all, there were things he could do at home anyways, so it wasn't all bad. But of course, as soon as he had thought that, the ever helpful Toshiya piped in, saying that he would stay with Kaoru to ensure he didn't do a single bit of work. And so there he was, on his couch in his boxers and a wife beater, looking directly at the grinning bassist who was staring at him intently. "Do you plan on just watching me sit here all day?" He asked, arching a brow.

"If that's what it takes to make sure you don't do any paperwork on our day off, then yes," Toshiya said, raising his eyebrows. The band needed their day off and the bassist just wanted to make sure that Kaoru would adhere to it too. He looked around Kaoru's sitting room and frowned. It was a mess. There were clothes and shoes everywhere on the floor, along with some empty takeaway boxes. The sitting room table had empty glasses and an overflowing ashtray on it and there was dust everywhere. Kaoru was habitually a very neat person, so the fact that his living room resembled a pig sty must really mean he hadn't had a lot of time to clean up lately. He looked straight at Kaoru, "When was the last time you cleaned your house?"

Kaoru couldn't help but roll his eyes a little at the other's response and closed them soon after, unaware of the fact that his living room was being scrutinised. At the question though, he sat up a little and actually took in the appearance of his home. He used to be so picky about everything, and took pride in his living space. Instead of answering right away, he slouched again and groaned, running a hand through his hair. "I don't know... When was the last time I had a day off?" Ugh, maybe he -did- need a break, his house looked terrible. But now that he was thinking about it, he just felt... -tired-. He looked at the younger man for a moment, then sighed in defeat. "Okay, okay. You win. I won't do any work today. At least.. Not band work." He looked around and slowly got to his feet. He was feeling a little self conscious about the condition of his living room, and decided he couldn't just sit around in it. And he honestly didn't want to make Toshiya sit in it either. He stretched a little, and upon glancing at his friend once more, he noticed... A grin slowly tried to form on his lips, but he managed to fight it off. He was wearing those pants that made him fall all over himself all the time. The ones that caressed the bassist's ass so perfectly every time he moved... But of course, the taller man had no idea. Which was okay with Kaoru, it just meant more opportunities to stare. "You can watch TV or whatever; I'm going to straighten up in here." He knew, though, what kind of person Toshiya was, and that was why he was fighting so hard not to smirk. The other would try to help him, and he'd be able to watch as he moved around and bent over. Mm...

Toshiya raised an eyebrow, "Good boy, not doing any band work. Though you're a moron if you think I'm not going to help you." he smirked. He stood up from the sofa, brushed past Kaoru a little closer than was absolutely necessary and walked towards the entertainment center. He was good at reading people, and if he had read Kaoru right, the other wouldn't mind him being a bit flirtatious. A couple of empty beer bottles were next to the TV. He bent over slightly, taking his sweet time, picked them up and turned around, 'Do you have a recycling bin?" he asked, winking at the other.

It was a bit of a struggle to lift his gaze in time so the other wouldn't catch him staring at his ass, but he managed and nodded toward a corner in the kitchen. "Right over there." He lingered for a moment to watch the other's ass as he moved, the wink the other had tossed him floating around in his head. With Toshiya, it was always hard to tell if he was flirting on purpose or if he did it without knowing about it. In this case though... He was hoping it was the former. It took a moment to realize that he hadn't started cleaning a single thing, being far too busy watching the bassist's butt beneath his jeans. He began moving about slowly, watching the younger man like a hawk, and despite his efforts, he was failing miserably in his attempt to hide it. He was sure he was looking like some kind of crazed perv, but every time Toshiya moved, every time the denim of his jeans stretched taught over that firm flesh he was overcome with images of that beautifully flawless body beneath him. Usually he was a lot better at holding the thoughts back, but this time... He wasn't sure if it was the fact that Toshiya was there in his home, or if it was because if had just been so -long- since he'd had sex, but he just couldn't keep himself from reaching out and slapping the other's ass, smirking as he said nothing and walked by to start picking his clothes off the floor.

Toshiya jumped up a little, even let out a small squeak and slowly turned around, mouth wide open in shock, though his eyes were smiling. The old man had guts; he had to give him that. It also meant he was right about him and his penchant for checking out his ass. He put away the empty bottles from the TV unit and walked over to Kaoru, who was just picking up some clothes from the floor. He bent over the other's shoulder, hand on the guitarists lower back, and put his lips close to his ear, "You like slapping my ass, don't you? You dirty old man," he said in a husky voice, breath hot on Kaoru's ear.

Every muscle in Kaoru's body stiffened the moment he felt the other beside him, not having expected that in the slightest. He was only silent for a few moments though before he let a slight growl leave him. He wasn't sure why, but he just seemed to... Snap then. He dropped the clothing he'd just picked up, letting it fall back to the floor as he grabbed Toshiya by the wrist. Sure, the younger man was taller and had a bit more muscle than he did, but luck seemed to be on his side as he spun the bassist around, pinning him face first against the wall. One hand stayed locked on his wrist, keeping it held firmly against the wall while the other moved down, taking a grip on that ass and squeezing. "Maybe I do and maybe I am," he started, leaning up to press his mouth to the younger man's ear. "But you seem to be the little slut that's enjoying it." ...Okay, so maybe he shouldn't have said that, but the words were nothing more than a heated growl in his ear and there was nothing he could do to take them back. Lust was quickly clouding his mind, and he released the other's backside only to slap it harder, hips grinding forward a second later. "Or am I mistaken?"

The gasp that had left Toshiya's lips when he was pushed flush against the wall turned into a soft moan as the other ground his hips against his backside. He turned his head around and looked at the older man with half-lidded eyes. "Maybe I am, Leader-sama," he whispered, a smile playing on his lips. The intensity of Kaoru's gaze and the way they were pressed up against each other left him weak in the knees. The other's demanding stature had always affected him like this and he had fantasized about something like this many a night. "What are you going to do about it?" He said as he moved his free hand to hold onto Kaoru's hips.

Toshiya's reaction made him smirk to himself, his body heating up as he really let the situation sink in. He had him, the gorgeous bassist who had always been the center of his fantasies, pinned to the wall and at the mercy of his every touch. And he seemed to -love- it. The thought had him twitching a little beneath his boxers, which were doing a poor job in hiding the fact that he was very obviously aroused. "Hmmm..." He hummed thoughtfully, trying to keep his cool, as hard as that was. There were so many things he could do, so many things he -wanted- to do... Reaching down, he grabbed the hand that was on his hip and pinned it against the wall as well, using one foot to lightly spread Toshiya's legs apart. He was now fully pressed against his ass, his arousal beginning to poke out a bit through the hole in his boxers. "I think... I want to play with you for a while.. Make you beg for it." He rocked his hips forward, keeping him totally trapped against the wall as his tongue licked a long line up the length of his neck.

A shudder ran down Toshiya's spine when the tongue ran over his bare skin. He made small noises. He was completely helpless, pinned between Kaoru and the wall. His cock was straining inside his jeans as he felt Kaoru's leg push in between both of his. He could probably get himself free if he wanted to, but he never felt more aroused in his life, being controlled like this by their bandleader, "Then by all," Toshiya pushed his ass back against Kaoru and groaned as he felt his hard-on press tightly against him.

Kaoru's breath left him a soft 'whoosh' of air when he felt the younger man press back against him in such a way. That hard, lithe body was twisting back against him in a way that had him cursing the fact that Toshiya was still wearing pants. Regrettably, he released one of his wrists in favor of venturing south, down that perfect torso and finally coming to a stop at the front of his jeans. He purred against his neck, dotting a few small kisses along the flesh as a very finely trembling hand found the button. He couldn't -help- the slight tremble in his hand; this was all he'd wanted for... Years now. To feel the younger man's body beneath his own, begging silently to be touched.. He growled a little, biting down on his neck as his fingers popped open the button and slid down without another moment of hesitation.

Toshiya let out a loud groan, "Fuck, Kaoru," he whispered as he felt the trembling hand pressing against his cock. He was silently regretting the fact that he put on underwear this morning, "Do you know how long I've wanted this?" he added, grinding back against the guitarist's length, loving the feeling of him pressed up so tight against him with the promise of so much more. His head fell back, exposing his neck further for the other to explore. "I need you, now,"

Hearing that he wasn't the only one who had been wanting this for a long time, Kaoru grinned a little to himself. "Mmm, but I thought I was supposed to play with you first," he purred. "Make you beg for it.." He tried to move his hand a little, attempting to get a grip on the other man's arousal. However, the tight denim and underwear made it extremely difficult, and he did -not- want anything getting in his way. Not now, after he'd been waiting so long for this. He growled before he could stop himself and removed his body from Toshiya's. Before the other could react though, he was spinning him around, pinning him hard against the wall and immediately devoured his lips in a rough, passionate kiss as his hands made quick work of those pesky clothes.

Their lips ground together lustfully and Toshiya let out needy noises as his lips parted and his tongue started tasting the other's lips, urging them to part. His hand immediately went for Kaoru's body, running it over his sides, slipping underneath the wife beater. His other hand wound itself in the other's scalp at the back of his neck, running his fingers through his hair. The feeling of the guitarist's hard body underneath his fingers while at the same time tasting him with his tongue was too much, and at the same time, not enough. He had been wanting this for so long now and he was still surprised that this was actually happening.

Every single noise that left Toshiya's lips seemed to send a shudder through his body, and the fingers on his torso were not helping. Kaoru groaned in the back of his throat as his tongue battled with the other's, his impatient hands tugging roughly at the tight jeans he loved so much. He only broke this kiss when he needed to finish stripping the younger man's body, and as the last piece of clothing hit the floor, he felt as though time seemed to slow down. There he was... The man he'd lusted after for years, finally at his mercy. And that body was even more breathtaking than he'd thought possible. He licked his lips, eyes trailing over that gorgeous form. God... He was gorgeous. "Fuck what I said about making you beg. I'll do that next time. I don't think I can keep my hands off you." Kaoru's voice was a husky growl, and he wasted no more time before pinning him against the wall once more. He was -hard- damnit, and as fun and tempting as it was to tease and torture him until he was begging to be fucked, he just wasn't sure he had enough self control at the moment.

Hearing those words made Toshiya shiver in anticipation, "Next time... yes, let's do that," he murmured as he pressed his lips against his chin, kissing a trail from his jaw towards his neck. The fact that he was naked while Kaoru wasn't excited him more than he thought. The guitarist was completely in control and it made him even harder than he thought possible, pleasure coursing through his whole body. All his senses were heightened and his face was burning with a glowing heat coming from deep inside him. His lips fastened on the place where Kaoru's jaw met his neck and sucked and bit softly at the skin while grinding his hips against the other's boxer-clad erection. "You have too many clothes on," he groaned in between his nibbling and sucking, "I can't wait much longer,"

As Toshiya paid attention to his neck, tattooed hands were roaming that perfect, flawless body, trying to feel every bit of the bassist that he could. The way the other was grinding against him had him growling, and he leaned forward without hesitation, muffling the deep, rumbling sounds he was making. He couldn't help himself. He'd never been more turned on in his life, and the evidence of that was pressing against the taller man's body. As much as he didn't want to stop touching the other, he pulled back when he heard the words. He couldn't really argue with that, now could he? Hurriedly, he stripped himself of his wife beater, boxers following shortly after. He gave Toshiya little time to admire him before he was snatching him around the waist, tugging him tight to his body and devouring his lips in a kiss even more passionate than the last. His hands wasted no time, sliding back and squeezing his ass, groaning into his mouth as it pressed them even tighter together.

Toshiya was moaning into the kiss, his hands everywhere on Kaoru's magnificent naked body. The man looked amazing, and seeing him naked made him even more eager to give himself completely to the other. The feeling of their naked cocks rubbing together was driving him insane and he started to steer them towards the couch. "The bedroom's too far away," He whispered against the other's lips, and he continued their kiss, lips, teeth and tongue clashing together in a frantic battle. He felt the back of Kaoru's knees hit the couch and Toshiya broke off the kiss and softly pushed him onto it. He admired the other for a while, eyes roving over his body before he got onto the couch too, straddling the guitarist, pressing them as close together as he could. He pressed his lips against the other's again while his hand slid in between their bodies. He grabbed both their erections, slick with precum, and started sliding his hands slowly over them.

Kaoru's initial reaction to being straddled was to instantly flip them around so that he had the younger man pinned beneath him. However, all that vanished from his mind as he felt the way Toshiya was handling his body, groaning into the kiss as his hands gripped tightly onto that perfectly shaped ass. It ground them together even more, and after making sure he had fully dominated the other's mouth, he pulled back. He was panting, eyelashes fluttering as he enjoyed every sensation coursing through his body. God, he needed to be -in- him. That thought overpowering his mind, he lifted one hand to his lips, quickly but thoroughly coating them in his saliva. Not giving the younger man much time to react, he moved his hand back down that tall body, one digit pressing teasingly to that tight ring of muscle. He prodded gently at first before sliding inside, mouth instantly latching onto Toshiya's neck. He bit and suckled gently, groaning against the slightly salty skin. "Mmm, you like that?" He breathed, but before he gave him any chance to respond, his other hand was moving to deliver a hard smack right to his ass. The sound was loud in the still apartment, and it made his lips pull back from his teeth in an almost feral grin. Mmm... He'd wanted to do that for -years-.

The feeling of Kaoru's finger filling him, combined with the slap on his ass made him moan even louder. He slowed down the stroking of both their cocks, feeling like he couldn't hold on much longer. "Fuck yes..." he groaned, moving his hips back hurriedly against Kaoru's ministrations, feeling the finger move even deeper into his ass. "I need more of you inside me, please!" He panted. His eyes were closed and he was biting on his lower lip to keep from making too much noise. Toshiya held the other's slick length tightly and opened his eyes, "I want your cock to fill me up," he looked straight into Kaoru's eyes as he said it.

Every reaction he got out of Toshiya seemed to make his cock twitch with need, and with the way the other was still touching him.. He felt like he was all but pulsating. "Oh don't you worry," he purred, his own voice gone thick and even huskier than normal as he held Toshiya's gaze "It will." As he said that, he slid another finger into the younger man, trying to stretch him as thoroughly and quickly as possible. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard," he breathed, mouth moving to his ear and dropping his voice down to a deep, raspy purr, "So good, that you won't know which way is up. You'll squirm, writhe.. Beg me to fuck you harder. Is that what you want? Is that what you -need- Totchi?" He growled in his ear, accentuating his words by curling his fingers just slightly inside the other's body with a smirk.

"Yes! Oh god, Kao..." He all but yelled out at Kaoru's words. "Please just fuck me!" His mouth latched back onto his neck and he bit, sucked and licked him. His hips were moving along with the other's fingers, his hands still firm on Kaoru's cock. His thumb caressed the head, slicking it further, before moving his hand up and down, speeding up more and more as he continued his assault on Kaoru's neck.

Oohhh... Fuck. His head fell back, a loud groan slipping from his throat at the way Toshiya was stroking his cock. There was no way in hell he was going to last much longer if they kept this up. Knowing that he only had a bit of time before he was going to snap, he slid the third finger into the younger man's body, thrusting them in and out to prepare him for something much larger. "Nnn, god... You're so fucking sexy, you know that?" He groaned, his hand once again raising to deliver a firm slap to his ass. Finally, he could no longer hold himself back and withdrew his finger, leaning in to grunt in his ear. "Why don't you get down there and suck on it for me?" He breathed, thrusting his hips so the bassist would get his meaning. "Get it nice and wet." His tongue darted out, licking obscenely along the shell of his ear.

A shudder ran down the length of Toshiya's body and he slid down from Kaoru's lap. Situating himself between his legs, he spread them a bit further apart. His hands ran slowly up the inside of Kaoru's thighs and he brought his head forward. He pressed his face against Kaoru's hard cock and moaned. Then, without breaking eye-contact, he ran his tongue all the way up his length before taking in the head, his tongue swirling around it. He began to slide his mouth up and down the slick shaft, sucking and licking while never taking his eyes off him.

It was so -hard- to keep his eyes from rolling back into his head, but damn it, he didn't want to break eye contact while Toshiya was sucking on him so erotically. One hand moved, tangling in that thick black hair and keeping him in place, even though he knew the other had no intention of pulling back. This was, by far, the most erotic thing he had ever seen in his life, the way the younger man's eyes were all but smoldering as that gorgeous mouth moved along his arousal... He groaned again, loudly, losing the battle as his eyes did indeed roll back with the intense pleasure. His fingers tightened their grip a little in those soft tresses, before finally he had to gently pull him off with a soft 'pop'. "Mmm, I think that's good enough." Without any other kind of warning, he was grabbing the taller man, flipping their positions and pinning him face down on the couch. He hummed lowly in his throat, delivering a third sharp slap before grabbing his hips with both hands and pressing the blunted tip of his erection to his opening. "Ready?" He growled, and without waiting for a response he slid inside, groaning loudly at the tight heat that enveloped his cock.

Toshiya grabbed onto the couch and moaned loudly as Kaoru entered him. He moved his other hand towards his mouth, biting on the back of it to keep from going crazy. The sensation of being entered was so overwhelmingly good that he moved his ass up against Kaoru's, "Kaoru, oh God!" He groaned as his cock twitched, trapped between himself and the couch cushions. He needed the other man to start moving. "Please, I've been so bad. I need you to fuck me," He said, looking at Kaoru, eyes begging for more, cheeks flushed with lust.

"Fuck, Kaoru! You feel so good inside me," he whispered against his hand, pushing his hips back to try to get him to move faster. Kaoru's cock felt like heaven, sliding into him; the slap on his ass fuelling his lust even further. He loved it when a man dominated him like this. Soft groans and mewls escaped his lips as he waited for Kaoru to continue. "Please..."

Having the gorgeous man beneath him so pliant and willing for his touch was driving all of Kaoru's senses to madness. He built up a slow, steady rhythm, though he knew they were both craving so much more. It was torture to deny his body what it truly wanted, but how could he do anything else when he wanted this moment to -last-? His other hand moved, giving up its place on the bassist's hip for a moment to slap the other side of his ass, the harsh sound involuntarily making him pound just a little harder into the younger man's body. He leaned down, mouth finding the back of his neck and biting down as one tattooed hand moved down his side, blunt nails digging lightly against that perfect, flawless skin.

Toshiya moved along in the torturous rhythm that Kaoru had set, pushing back against every one of his thrusts. He moaned loudly when the other bit down on the back of his neck, "Nnng...Kaoru! More!" He cried out in pleasure. One of his hands reached between himself and the couch, needing to touch himself, grasping his hard cock.

"Mmm," he purred against the slightly salty flesh of his neck, slapping his hand once again on the other's ass. He would never get tired of slapping that firm flesh.. Kaoru lifted himself a little, finally deciding to just give in to what his body -really- wanted. He gripped his hips tightly, and his next thrust into that tight form was a lot harder, with a lot more power behind it. The guitarist groaned loudly, pulling Toshiya back as his hips slammed forward. He built up a fast rhythm, growling again and reaching up to tangle in the bassist's hair. Using that grip, he tugged his head to the side, pressing his mouth to it and assaulting the flesh with lips, teeth and tongue. "Mmm, better?" Still managing to keep that fast, hard rhythm he had established.

Toshiya moaned every time Kaoru pushed forward, feeling that special spot inside of him brushed with every thrust. He loved the slight sting on his scalp where Kaoru's hand was tightly holding onto his hair. His hand sped up on his own cock, needing to feel more friction, getting closer and closer to the edge. "Yes... better...fuck..." He whimpered in between moans. "I'm so close..."

It hadn't seemed possible, but those muscles were growing even tighter around his cock, making it a bit more difficult to keep his pace. Every sound that the other made was pure heaven to his ears, and he let out a gruff sound before letting go of Toshiya's hair, instead moving it to replace the younger man's on his own length. "Then do it," he snarled in pleasure, using everything he had left in him to fuck the other as fast and hard as he could with both his cock and his hand. "Cum for me, Toshiya."

Toshiya reached for Kaoru, trying to hold onto him with everything he got as the sensations proved too much to handle. His continuous moans got louder and louder as he felt the pleasure building even further. The combination of Kaoru's stiff member thrusting in so hard and fast with the hand that was all he could focus on and he was soon screaming out, "Kaoru...God..." It was all he could get out as stars burst in front of his eyes and he felt the waves of orgasm crash over him, muscles clenching, coating Kaoru's hand and the couch in sticky seed.

Nothing could compare to the pleasure he felt coursing through him as though hot muscles clamped down around his cock, that lovely tone calling out his voice music to his ears. He groaned loudly, managing only a couple more thrusts before he was spilling everything he had into that tight, hot body. Leaning forward, he mouth closed around his shoulder, muffling the sounds that were leaving his throat. His hips pumped slowly, just a few more times, before falling, spent, on his new... Lover? Was that what they were? He wasn't sure but.. He certainly fucking hoped so.

Toshiya was utterly spent. His breathing was still ragged and his brain was still trying to catch up with what just happened. The feeling of the other man's body on top of him felt safe, like they had done this a million times. He shifted his head a bit and reached for the other with his mouth, pressing a soft kiss on Kaoru's cheekbone; it was the only part he could reach. "Wow..." he whispered, a smile playing at the corner of his lips. This was definitely something he could get used to. He had fantasized about this for a long time, but nothing could compare to the real thing. He smiled contently, just laying there, breathing in Kaoru's smell.

Kaoru hummed softly in agreement, pressing small kisses along the younger man's shoulder as he regained himself. Slowly, he pulled himself away, sliding out of him and instead sitting on the couch. Not letting the other react much, he grabbed at him and pulled him up onto his lap, much how they'd started out. His arms looped around Toshiya's waist, and he took a brief moment to admire the contrast of his inked skin against that smooth, unmarred flesh. He really was just... Gorgeous. He smirked to himself for just a moment, then leaned in to steal a kiss, this one a lot softer than any of the others so far.

This was heaven, Toshiya thought with a sigh as he moved into the kiss tenderly. His arms wrapped themselves around Kaoru, his tongue languidly licking over the other's lips. His forehead moved to rest against the other and he looked him in the eyes, "This is perfect. I don't think I ever want to get up from this couch," and he meant it. The unbelievably mind blowing sex he just had with the sexiest guitarist on the planet was nothing compared to the feelings of joy now surging through him. He felt safe and protected in Kaoru's arms as he pressed his lips against the other once more.

Judging by the look in the other's eyes, this was going to be a lot more than a one-time thing, and Kaoru was okay with that. More than okay with it, in fact. And he figured it would help him a lot, having someone there to keep him from drowning in his work like he so often did. He returned the kiss, enjoying the sensation of being with someone like this. Of being with -Toshiya- like this. After a few moments he broke the tender lip lock, smiling at him. "I don't know what I can do about 'ever' getting up, but... For today, you aren't going anywhere." It was, after all, the bassist who insisted he had a day off, so he planned on enjoying himself to the fullest.