Precious Teddy
Written by Kashshaptu
Chapter One
Rating: NC-17
“Aww…Come on Shin!” Die pouted. “Why do you always sleep with that blasted Teddy Bear against you? You never let me cuddle up to you like that!” Shinya rolled his eyes and shrugged. “I need my space when I sleep. I can’t have someone laying against me like that.” He said with an impassive voice. On the inside he was chuckling though, because Die was, once again, acting like a jealous child. Jealous of a stuffed animal…Who would’ve thought?

“But! But! You get space! Lots of it! Half the bed! And what do you do? You curl yourself up as small as you can and clutch that…that….THING!” He started, pointing accusingly at the Teddy Bear, which was sitting cutely in Shinya’s lap, completely innocent. “Against you. And whenever I come close you kick me away!”

Shinya pouted and hugged the plush close. “Don’t talk that way about poor Teddy-chan.” He muttered, burying his nose in the warm, pale-brown fur of the Animal. Die just stuck out his tongue and huffed. “You two are teaming up against me. I’m all alone at night! I’m cold! And my precious Shin-chan can’t even keep me warm, because he likes his teddy-bear more than his lover…” He turned around on the bed and hung his head low, pretending to be very down about it. On the inside he was hoping this would work. Normally, his lover would regret his cold behavior and actually let the other sleep against him, but the trick was one that was used many times. He really needed to think of something new…

Shinya bit his lip and sighed. He moved up to the other and put his head on Die’s shoulder from behind, his arms finding their way around Die’s waist, fingering the bright-red satin pajama. “Don’t mope when I won’t let you sleep against me. What’s so wonderful about doing that anyway?” He whispered, smiling slightly. He knew quite well what the other was doing, but he didn’t really mind. His lover was really way too cute when he did that.

Die sighed. “I just like to sleep against you, my lover, my bony little lover!” He almost snorted, but could restrain himself at the last moment. He did wince when the other suddenly flicked him against his abs. “Ouch! You always hurt me!” He whined, a slight grin forming on his lips. Shinya hit him again and stuck out his tongue. “You deserve it.”

The redhead moved his head up slightly. The grin on his face was as large as it could get and his eyes were sparkling with the most brilliant idea ever. “I think…Teddy-chan and you need to be taught why it’s best to sleep against Die-san here.” He said slowly, looking his lover straight in the eyes.

The drummer somewhat paled. “What would you mean by that?” He had a questioning look on his face as he sat back on the bed, his cute, white and blue cotton pajama bunching slightly up around his legs. Die could only smile, trying to look as innocent as possible. “Oh, I don’t know. There are certain advantages you have when you sleep against me.” He started, moving closer to Shinya, sitting with his back against the headboard. “Let me explain.” He said as he patted his lap, indicating for the other to come and sit against him.

Shinya rolled his eyes, but still moved to sit between Die’s legs, his back resting comfortably against his lover’s broad chest. He held his Teddy Bear close to him and looked up slightly. “Tell me about the advantages.” He sighed, not really expecting that much from the other anyway. ‘He’ll probably start one of his bullshit stories…’ He thought, slightly amused.

Die wrapped his arms around Shinya and smiled, his fingers absentmindedly stroking Teddy’s worn fur. “You see…it’s all about sharing. Sharing the bed, sharing our body-heat, even sharing Teddy!” He started, his head resting comfortably on Shinya’s shoulder. Shinya rolled his eyes but didn’t say a thing, on the inside he was chuckling at the other’s words.

He continued though, and while one of his hands was still stroking the Teddy-bear absentmindedly, his other ventured over Shinya’s clothed chest and abdomen, feeling the soft fabric and the feeling that was undeniably his lover underneath him. “Think about it, love, sharing makes the world go round!” He started, his hand rubbing soothing circles over Shinya’s stomach, making the younger one let out a soft sound and relax against his lover. “But…Teddy. Why would I have to share Teddy? He’s mine.” He softly said, the hand that was still doing its lovely work distracting him greatly.

“Yes, he’s yours. But! Think of it! I would love to be Teddy’s friend too! And if you’d share him with me by allowing me to sleep against Teddy too…I’d not only be sleeping against Teddy. I would also sleep against you. That makes everyone happier! Including Teddy!” He said, his hand venturing lower and lower, massaging his lover’s inner-thigh gently. Shinya gasped and moved one hand from his plush to Die’s leg next to him. He held onto his lover and let out another stifled gasp. “Die…” He breathed. His lover knew all the good spots to touch him and he felt himself grow very hard under those expert fingers, Teddy sufficiently hiding his reaction to all this.

Die grinned slightly and continued his torture, his hand moving closer and closer to the other’s groin. “See. Isn’t this all a good idea? Us sharing like that?” He noted, the hand that was stroking the Teddy-bear suddenly holding it and moving the bear softly over Shinya’s lap, acting like it was and accident. Shinya bit back a moan, knowing he shouldn’t moan when his beloved A-sexual teddy-bear accidentally brushed his hard-on, but he couldn’t help being way too turned-on by the other’s soft, husky words and the hand that was getting dangerously close to his clothed length.

Die did it again, his hand moving the Teddy-bear so it was brushing his sensitive, length again. This time, Shinya couldn’t hold back a moan, as much as he tried to stop himself from doing so. “Die…please…Don’t...” He uttered, his hand that was still holding his plush, trying to stop him. But Die just moved the stuffed animal again, this time actually stroking over the other’s groin. Shinya threw his head back against his lover and moaned softly. “This is…wrong…Die.” He managed to pant out, carefully to not stumble over his sentence, with Die’s hand still massaging his inner-thighs, one of the most sensitive spots on his body.

“But Shinya…Am I not making you feel wonderful?” He said in a fake sad voice, making Teddy look at Shinya and moving his head in time with the words. Then he teasingly moved the bear over the front of his pajama pants. “I think Teddy really likes making you feel good, too.” He noted, getting quite affected himself now, seeing his lover so helpless and turned-on against him, and he shifted a bit, not wanting Shinya to notice his current state.

Shinya was torn between giving in and yelling at Die for abusing his Teddy-chan like that. All thoughts left his head, however, when Die stroked Teddy over him again, pressing down, making Shinya moan out quite loudly. It was the last straw. And his head moved to the side, eyeing the other’s supple neck, not hesitating one second. He started sucking and nibbling slightly on Die’s neck, his one hand still holding tightly onto his leg, massaging and digging his nails in through the red satin.

Die was getting more and more turned on, letting out soft sounds as well, still continuing to move the bear teasingly over Shinya’s clothed member, before getting too impatient, releasing the teddy and moving both his hands to gently grasp Shinya’s pulsating member through his pants, one hand moving over it, making Shinya moan harder as he bit down on Die’s neck to muffle the sounds somewhat.

Die groaned and couldn’t help but press his hips against Shinya’s back, letting the other feel just how turned on he was. Shinya sucked harder on the sensitive skin of his lover’s neck and moved his other hand from the Teddy-bear, moving behind his back, fingers searching out Die’s length, stroking it teasingly through the fabric.

They were both panting breathlessly, moving their hands over each other’s lengths through the thin clothing. “Shinya…hmm God.” Die moaned out, completely lost in the pleasure that the other was giving him. The hand that wasn’t moving over Shinya’s hand teasingly moved up underneath the pajama-shirt the other was wearing, seeking out one of the hard nubs on his chest, gently pinching it.

All the sensations were getting way too much for him and he was moaning continuously. He needed more though, this pace wasn’t fast enough and he craved so much more. “Hnng…Die! Please…I-I…want you to…” He breathed against his neck, licking and sucking in between the words. Die moaned out at the other’s words. He knew exactly what Shinya meant. “Hmm…you want me to do you? Fuck you senseless right here?” He whispered feverishly, making the younger one moan even louder. “Yes! God, yes!” He moaned in reply, his hand squeezing Die’s length through the fabric slightly, at the same time bucking his hips into the red-headed’s hand.

Die reluctantly removed his hand from the other’s pajama pants, ignoring the whined moan he got from the auburn-haired. “Move forward, on your knees please.” He huskily whispered, making Shinya shudder as he proceeded to move forwards on his hands and knees. He looked back at Die with half-lidded eyes. “Please, hurry…” He whispered.

Die was also on his knees, but he was currently rummaging their top-drawer, retrieving a small tube. He moved back behind Shinya on his knees, pressing his groin against his ass and his chest against his back. He started hiking up the shirt Shinya had still on. “Let’s get this off of you, ne?” He softly said, guiding him to take it off as he took off his own shirt as well, throwing them both somewhere next to the bed.

He ran his hands all over Shinya’s back and chest, pressing soft kisses to his spine as he felt the soft skin move under those hands. Shinya let out an impatient moan, pressing his ass back against Die’s throbbing length, who had to stifle a moan and chuckle. “Patience, my dear.” He muttered, his hands moving down to finally undo Shinya’s pants, sliding them down his legs, only to let them rest at his knees. It would be any further of a bother that way. He did the same to his own pants, just sliding them slightly down.

When he pressed his naked length against Shinya’s ass, he groaned loudly. “Die! Please! Just…hurry!” Shinya almost cried out in pure need, bucking back against his lover.

Die couldn’t take it anymore either and grabbed the tube and popped open the lid, squeezing a fair amount onto the palm of his hand. If felt slightly cold to his touch, so he rubbed his hands together, warming up the liquid, before moving one hand to Shinya’s opening, seeking out the puckered entrance. He carefully slid one probing finger in, awaiting Shinya’s reaction before moving any further. The auburn-haired beauty knew that his lover was careful like that, but after countless of times they had sex and all that happened just now, he was more than eager to just get it on with. He moved his behind against Die’s hand, urging him to go on.

Die groaned and moved the finger in and out of Shinya’s ass teasingly before adding the second, scissoring and searching out for that spot as he moved them in and out. Shinya was going crazy with lust and his moans were getting louder and louder, begging Die to just please go on, to give him more. When the third finger was added, Shinya went delirious with pleasure, especially when Die brushed past his prostate, making him see stars in front of his eyes.

When Die knew the other was properly prepared, he removed his fingers, pouring a slight amount of lube on his hands again before tossing the tube somewhere on the floor. He rubbed it warm between both his hands again and brought one to his own length, hissing when he grabbed the neglected member and started stroking it, making it slick with the lube. His other hand, however, moved towards Shinya’s erection, grabbing it tightly as he started lubing it up as well, knowing that touching him would make him feel even better when he was lubed up.

Shinya was sobbing with pure need, moans wracked his body. His head hung forward. The teasing pleasure that he had received was never enough to come, but more than enough to make him frustrated beyond all reason. “Please…Die…I beg of you…just….fuck me!”

The redhead wasn’t going to wait any longer either and released the other’s length, guiding his own towards Shinya’s entrance, slightly pressing against it before slowly sliding inside. The two lovers moaned out in unison as Die pushed in to the hilt, waiting for the other to be ready.

Shinya didn’t have time to wait, or so his mind screamed out to him and he immediately started moving his ass against Die, letting him know that he was more than ready. The redhead, who had pressed his chest against Shinya’s back again, kissed the other’s neck before moving up slightly, giving himself room to start moving. He slowly pulled back, until he was almost completely out of the other, before he swiftly rammed back in, starting a fast rhythm almost immediately. “Oh God! Die…More!” Shinya’s hands were gripping the bed-sheets, knuckles turned white as he cried out with every thrust into his tight canal.

Die groaned loudly, speeding up his already fast rhythm, knowing this would not take long. But he didn’t mind. Foreplay had them both on the edge already. He moved one of his hands towards Shinya’s red, throbbing erection, starting to stroke it in time with his brutal thrusts, slick from the lube while his mouth attaching itself to the other’s back, pressing urgent kisses and licks to the supple flesh.

Shinya trashed beneath the other with every thrust and touch. The sweet spot within him had been hit continuously and he felt the knot in his stomach tighten and tighten. “Die…I’m…going…” He couldn’t clearly think and his sentence got lost in the many moans emitted from his throat.

“Shinya…” Die groaned, “Shinya, please…come for me.” He groaned, biting down on the other’s back. His rhythm became very choppy, his orgasm so close by that he couldn’t concentrate properly anymore.

But if it were possible, Die sped up more, making Shinya literally scream out in pleasure. “Hnngg….Die!!” He yelled out, his body going completely rigid as an extremely violent orgasm crashed through him like a tidal wave, releasing his seed onto the bed beneath him, his mind completely blank, stars in front of his eyes.

Die only needed about two more thrusts before he yelled out the other’s name loudly, spilling his seed deeply inside the other’s ass, thrusting in a few last time to pump him of everything he had, before he collapsed on top of Shinya, who, with their combined weight, couldn’t keep upright and collapsed onto the bed.

For the moment, they could only lay there, panting heavily, recovering from their intense orgasms. After a few minutes, Shinya groaned and muttered something muffled into the blankets. Die rolled off of him. “What did you say, my love?” He asked, his hand moving to stroke Shinya’s back affectionately. Shinya moved one hand underneath his chest and retrieved Teddy, who had been uncomfortably squished between him and the bed.

Shinya didn’t look up though and remained lying on the bed like that, completely spent.

“Hmm…it looks like we…accidentally shared too much love with Teddy.” Die said after a moment, holding the little teddy-bear and inspecting a few dubious stains, with a pensive look.

Shinya’s head immediately shot up. “What did you say?!” He almost shrieked, grabbing the bear from his lover and looking at a few wet spots that were pointed out by the red-head. Shinya’s eyes widened. “Oh my God.” He paled. “I feel so terrible! Poor Teddy!” He exclaimed panicked. Die, however, arranged the blankets and pillows and helped Shinya get underneath them. “You know what. I feel sorta responsible for that, even though it’s your…juice.” He chuckled, earning himself a glare from his lover. “So…why don’t I help you clean him up tomorrow? I’m pretty sure it’s good for Teddy’s to get a good bath every once in a while, ne?” He smiled, hugging his lover close underneath the cool blankets.

Shinya could only nod slightly, “Yeah, I guess we should do that then.” He noted, wrapping Teddy in the shirt of his pajama’s and hugging him close, not really wanting any stains anywhere else right now. “But Die…” He started, his lover looking at him questioningly.

“If you ever have any of these ridiculous ideas again, please run them past me before you act out on them, OK?”