How to Submit your fanfics...
Written by Kashshaptu

How to submit your fanfics to this site.

Iíll keep this short and simple. At first I just let people email me when they were interested in wanting their fics hosted. Iíll do it differently now, seeing as this site is growing faster and faster and emailing back and forth for a few minor details is simply getting too much. Iíll have Ö basic steps you follow to submit! ^_^

1. Type your fic and please make sure itís beta-ed. Nothing is as annoying as reading a fic that isnít at least properly spell-checked. Having trouble finding a beta? I Ėcould- beta for you. It all depends on how many people ask me to beta, and on how much time Iíll have that week. But keep in mind it could take considerably longer before your fic appears on the website.

2. Ok, so you beta-ed your fic and want to send it. Type up an email to and state the following in the subject: Submission for That way Iíll immediately know that I have to get my lazy ass to work. XD

3. Attach your fanfic in a .doc or .txt file preferably! No .rtf please! It screws up the formatting when I edit it to upload. If you want anything in italics or bold, but need to send by txt file, please use HTML markers

4. If this is your first submission I need you to clearly state this in the email too:
1. Preferred author name:
2. Email address to place on the site:
3. Short introduction about yourself:
This information will appear on your author page. If youíre not sure what to put at the above three points, check out the other author pages on this website to see what I mean.

5. Next, fill in this form concerning the fanfic you want to submit:

1. Title
2. Rating (G - NC-17)
3. Summary
4. Warnings (ex. Deathfic or Rape. THESE THINGS ARE NECESSARY! Anything that can trigger someone needs a warning to put with the fic).

6. If you want to submit more than one fic: Please put all the fics in 1 email! Just make sure you write up 1 form for each fic and also make sure to properly name the different files. As long as I can clearly see which fic belongs to which form, everything will sort itself out.

7. If you already have submitted a fanfic to me and you already have an author page, thereís of course no need for the first form. But that should be obvious.

8. To change anything in your fic/author page once itís submitted. Send me an email, clearly stating what needs to be changed (ex: email address or the short bio.)

9. In the case of spelling errors in your fanfic which you havenít noticed: Send me an email with your fic with the RIGHT spelling as an attachment, so all I have to do is copy the fic over. If you go point out in what line stuff needs to be changed, I will not change the fanfic, itís too much of a hassle for me to go over every fic by hand, and you all probably understand that I hope ^_^;

10. Youíre done! Click ďSendĒ and your email is on the way. You can expect your fic up as soon as possible. Barring incidents, I will return your e-mail. I'll let you know in what time frame I expect to have your fics uploaded. I have a job, so sometimes it might take a day for me to answer, but you -will- get an answer.

What not to do: Send me multiple emails. If I gave you an estimate on how long itíll take before the fic will be up, please donít go reminding me until about a week after the date I gave you (or if you didn't get a reply with an estimate on the date). Iím doing everything I can to upload every fic as soon as possible. I'm very sorry if somehow I forgot you! I really do want your fic on my website.

If you feel that I left anything out of this form, or if things arenít clear yet, submit your questions through the ask-box on the website. Iím more than happy to answer them! Just donít expect a reply within 5 minutes and everything will be fine! ^_^v

Happy submitting! ^_^