Original Fiction

Mommy Doesn't Know
Chapters: 1
Rating: NC-17
Summary: She doesn't know that I haven't bothered to learn their names and that they are complete strangers to me. Nor does she know that they are the best company I've ever had in years. Warnings: Self harm, porn, drugs, vulgar language, minor religion reference, and...just all around depressing.
Status: Finished

Chapters: 1
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Masayuki is a senior highschool student attending a fine school in Kyoto. He lives by himself with his cats and has no family near him. Thanks to a difficult past, he finds it hard to open up to people, and only has a few close friends to him. He is often not acknowledged in school, little know his past, and none know his biggest secret: He's gay, and he's constantly trying to cover it up. But when a cute guy (with a girlfriend) in the grade below him catches his eye, Masayuki falls head over heels for him. And when that cute guy ends up in one of his classes and invites him to a party, where alcohol mixed with confessions and mistakes take place, Masayuki's somewhat normal teenaged life becomes much more complicated. Warnings: Colorful language is splattered in random areas, alcohol use, hard drug use, sex (duhh), death/near death
Status: Unfinished

"I'll whisper to myself, as I lay in my bed, incoherent nonsense about pain, sin, and pleasure."

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