Heed these words

01. All the stories are all copyrighted to their respective owners. It is illegal to copy or reproduce any of their work without their explicit consent.
02. All characters in fanfics are borrowed, not stolen. Not one author is making any money off these stories, since the characters aren't their own to meddle with. They're just for our own, and other's fun.
03. None of these stories depict real life. They're made up and any similarities are pure coincidental. Everything is FICTION. That's why it's called fiction.
04. The owner of this site is in no way responsible for any kind of offensive content in any of the stories except her own. That means everyone has responsibility over their -own- fics. I won't remove someone else's fanfic off this site because someone else has problems with it.
05. Rules #1, #3 and #4 also apply to the original stories posted on this website.
06. Fanart: NO STEALING! Do NOT post this up on other websites without explicit consent of the artist. E-mail the artist if you want to have permission to use their art.