About me

A - Accent: In both English and my native language it's a mixture of all sorts, I pick them up too easily
B - Biggest fear: FROGMOTHERS! (filthy gross Kayako's >_<) and Spiders
C - Chore you hate: Pretty much all of them. Taking out the trash is UGH.
D - Dad's name: I grew up without one.
E - Essential make-up item: Urban Decay - Naked Heat, and my Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks
F - Favorite perfume/oil scent: Scent: cinamon, vanilla and coconut. Current perfume is Jill Sander - Simply
G - Gold or silver: Gold
H - Hometown: THE INTERNET! (So I'm trying to stay somewhat anonymous, can you tell?)
I - Insomnia: What about it?
J - Job title: I've got my degree in system and network administration, I work in IT.
K - Kids: Nope
L - Living arrangements: I live in an apartment
M - Mum's birthplace: Do you also want her maiden name perchance?
N - Number of states you've visited: None, I don't live in the US.
O - Overnight hospital stays: One
P - Phobia: FROGMOTHERS! Insects!
Q - Quote you like: Alons-y!
R - Religious affiliation: Church of Kyo
S - Siblings: A lot, depending on how you count. One actual sister though.
T - Time you wake up: 6:45am during weekdays
U - Unnatural hair colors you've worn: Orange, purplish, light/darkbrown, bright-red and bleach/white blonde. At the moment my hair is black.
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: Radishes and carrots.
W - Worst habit: Nail biting and being a know it all
X - X-rays you've had: There were a lot.
Y - Yummy foods you make: Hmm...I like all the things I cook? (otherwise I wouldn't make them XD)
Z - Zodiac sign: Aquarius

--Have You Ever--

[Kissed your cousin:] no, eww.
[Ran away:] I think once when I was little with the kid from next door, we thought it would be cool hehe.
[Seen your crush naked:] Yes
[Broken someone's heart:] Yes
[Cried when someone died:] Yes
[Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have:] Yes
[Broken a bone:] Yes
[Drank alcohol:] Yes
[Lied:] Sure
[Cried in school:] Yes

--Which Is Better--

[Coke or Pepsi:] Coke
[Sprite or 7-Up:] No preference
[Girls or Guys:] No preference
[Flowers or Candy:] Both?
[Scruff or Clean Shaven:] Clean shaven
[Quiet or Loud:] Depends on the situation
[Blondes or Brunettes:] I don't care, any hair colour that suits someone
[Nice or Playas:] Yeah, that question answers itself doesn't it?
[Tall or Short:] Short = cute
[Pants or Shorts:] Jeans.

--With The Opposite Sex--

[What Do You Notice First:] Face?
[Last Person You Slow Danced With:] That was in primary school??
[Worst Question To Ask:] Did your mom pick out your clothes today? (seriously, I don't know XD)

--What Is--

[Your Good Luck Charm:] Teddy
[Person You Hate Most:] Voldemort.
[The Best Thing That Has Happened To You Today:] Well...I... woke up?


[Color:] Red
[Subject In School:] I haven't been in school in YEARS. I liked English though
[Juice:] Orange
[Cars:] I love my cute lil Mitsubishi
[Ice Cream:] Ben n Jerry's COOKIE DOUGH *_*
[Holiday:] Halloween and Christmas
[Season:] No preference, though winter is nice.
[Breakfast Food:] Toast or yogurt


[Makes You Laugh The Most:] My friends
[Makes You Smile:] That special someone
[Gives You A Funny Feeling When You See Them:] in what way?
[Has A Crush On You:] I don't know unless they tell me
[Do You Have A Crush On:] I don't kiss and tell
[Can Make You Feel Better No Matter What:]There are a few
[Easier To Talk To, Guys Or Girls:] Depends on the person.

--Do You Ever--

[Sit By The Phone Waiting For A Phone Call All Night:] No... I have a cellphone..it's 2018
[Save AOL Conversations:] RP's in the past, but I don't use AOL anymore
[Save E-Mails:] They're all saved automatically in my inbox.
[Wish You Were Someone Else:] Never
[Wish You Were A Member Of The Opposite Sex:] Sometimes
[Cried Because Of Someone's Mean Words:] No


[Movie:] Battle Royale
[Perfume:] Jil Sander - Simply
[Romantic Memory:] There are a few
[Most Recent Advice Given To You:] Put hidden fields in a contact form to stop spambots

--Have You--

[Fallen For Your Best Friend?:]Yes
[Made Out With A Friend?:] Yes
[Been In Love?:] Yes
[Been In Lust?:] Yes
[Used Someone?:] Yes?
[Been Used?:] Yes
[Been Cheated On?:] Yes
[Been Kissed?:] Yes
[Done Something You Regret?:] No

--Do You--

[Color Your Hair?:] Yes
[Have Tattoos?:] No
[Have Piercings?:] Yes
[Own A Webcam?:] Yes
[Own A Thong?:] I threw them out tbh
[Ever Get Off The Damn Computer?:] Pretty much never
[Sprechen Sie Deutsche?] Ja
[Parle Vous Francais?:] Oui
[Quack?:] duck