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"You like slapping my ass, don't you? You dirty old man."

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If you have any Dir en grey RP-request (prompt and/or pairing) for PokeyPillowxKashshaptu, please fill out the ask-box below! We hold the right to not grant your request (depending on how many we get), but we'd certainly love some new RP-ideas!

Fic rewriting!

So...I read through my old fics and found quite a few spelling and grammar errors. As well as parts that didn't completely make sense. The rest of the year for me will be fixing them. I won't rewrite, but I will start going over them, removing any errors and weird stuff! Click the image to go to to my author-page and check it out!

News 17th of January 2016

There's been two new RP's posted since last December. Together with PokeyPillow, we've cooked up a KaoxToshiya and a KyoxDie. Go check them out! Click the image to go to our author page!

News 29th of November 2015

New Roleplay is up! Check it out here! There will be more up later on, keep checking up on us!

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